Hampton Coliseum and a Night of Cirque du Soleil

Just a short trip from the beach, find world class entertainment.


The most amazing Chinese yo-yo act I've ever seen.

The most amazing Chinese yo-yo act I’ve ever seen.


The Hampton Coliseum audience anticipating the beginning of OVO.

The Hampton Coliseum audience anticipating the beginning of OVO.

If you decide to venture out from the boardwalk on your Virginia Beach vacation, be sure to take a trip across the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. In the city of Hampton, you will see a very peculiar looking building right off Interstate 64. This is the Hampton Coliseum. This crown-shaped building is actually an arena that has tons of fun events happening all year long. From sporting events, to concerts, to conventions—the Hampton Coliseum has something for everyone.

But this fall, 2016, a very special production made its way to the circular arena. Crowds packed in to see a performance by the famed Cirque du Soleil. If you’ve never gone to a Cirque show, put that on your bucket list. It’s worth every penny.

This year’s production from Cirque du Soleil was called OVO, the Portuguese word for egg. The story centered around a community of insects discovering a strange egg within their midst. Although the story was compelling and often humorous, that’s not the real draw of a Cirque du Soleil show.

Amazing acrobatics, contortionists and high flying acts that take your breath away are the norm for this traveling group of performers. Each show contains original music that’s moving and rhythmic. As you watch the incredible acts, you can’t help but wonder about the training and dedication of these performers. Each act is flawless. For example, one act contained a group of about 10 “bugs,” balancing round discs on their feet. In perfect unison with the music, they rotated their props, tossed them to each other and threw them high in the air.




As I sat watching the show, I was amused at the young woman sitting in front of me. As the performers in the high flying act zipped across the stage, being thrown and caught by other performers, she gasped and laughed and clapped. It’s common for the audience to have an emotional reaction to a Cirque du Soleil show.

The Hampton Coliseum was a perfect venue to contain the show’s wonderment. The lighting, staging and arena-style seating allow each member of the audience to experience this amazing show. It doesn’t matter if you’re up front or in the nose-bleeds, each seat offers a great view.

Be sure to make Cirque du Soleil a regular event on your yearly calendar.

CLICK HERE to read more about Cirque du Soleil’s OVO.


For More Information

ovo-1Hampton Coliseum

Cirque du Soleil


Cirque Du Soleil’s OVO at the Hampton Coliseum

Tickets are on sale now for Cirque du Soleil’s OVO




The fall performing arts season is starting out with a bang in Hampton! The Coliseum is welcoming Cirque du Soleil this September 7–11, 2016 with OVO. This newest touring show from the famed Cirque du Soleil has thrilled millions of people worldwide since its premier in Montreal in 2009. The Cirque du Soleil arena shows are as captivating and mind boggling as one would expect from these avant garde artists. They also give more people the opportunity to enjoy these mesmerizing productions in their own hometowns.

More About OVO

OVO means “egg” in Portuguese. This production centers around a mysterious egg that appears in the midst of a colorful, insect ecosystem. These bugs fill the stage with energy and movement–working, eating, fighting, loving and more! The awestruck insects investigate this iconic object that represents the cycles of their lives.

OVO’s cast is comprised of 50 of the top performing and acrobatic performers from across the globe. Audiences will ooh and aah at the feats performed on the Hampton Coliseum stage. Including an incredible Flying Act where scarabs soar above the stage.

Be sure to check out this amazing show at the Hampton Coliseum, here for a limited time.

ovo 2Cirque du Soleil OVO Information:


Hampton Coliseum
1000 Coliseum Dr, Hampton, VA 23666


September 7–11, 2016


Falling for iFLY: My Indoor Skydiving Experience in Virginia Beach


Indoor Skydiving at iFLY in Virginia Beach is an experience I will never forget!


My first flight at iFLY VA Beach!

My first flight at iFLY VA Beach!


I am scared of heights. Full stop. Period. But I hate the idea of limiting myself. So I have always pushed myself to move past this fear. Whether it be looking down when I’m at the top of a skyscraper or battling obstacles in the treetops at the Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium, I don’t want a fear of heights to determine what I can and cannot do.

That’s why my fiancé, Danny, and I decided to go to iFLY at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Danny is a lot more adventurous than I am. He’s always up for an adventure, and has been my partner in many exciting excursions. We went on a beautiful summer day, but because iFLY is an indoor facility, this adventure would be perfect for rainy days or to get away from the scorching heat.


Indoor Skydiving? What’s That?


I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that doing indoor skydiving involved a high powered wind tunnel, but that’s about it. At iFLY, they use a vertical wind tunnel to simulate what it feels like to skydive. Guests float, fly upwards and as they become more advanced, do amazing tricks in midair. These tunnels are used to by skydivers to train and hone their skills before actually jumping from a plane. The popularity of these wind tunnels has created a new sport called bodyflight, which involves performing freestyle and formation flying.


Coming Early, Prep for Flight


The pros practicing their skills.

The pros practicing their skills.

We were told to arrive about an hour early to do our “pre-flight training.” This entails checking in and signing a waiver. On the wall were touch-screens that allowed us to electronically read through the instructions and warnings and sign our names. The staff was incredibly friendly. They welcomed us and immediately put us at our ease. 

As Danny read the warnings, he realized that there is a danger if you’ve ever dislocated a shoulder. The high powered wind puts pressure on your arms and shoulders. Even though he is very active, he suffered many dislocated shoulders when he was a teenager. Surgery fixed this for the most part, but he alerted the staff to the danger. They were caring and concerned and said to make sure to tell our flight instructor. After we signed the waiver, we were told to head upstairs to the wind tunnel, our instructor would meet us there.


Flight Training


We went upstairs, and there it was! The wind tunnel looked as it did in the pictures I saw online, and yet, more impressive. It was much taller than I expected, stretching at least two stories tall. There were guests in the tunnel. They were obviously beginners, just trying out their newly taught skills.

After they finished, the pros jumped in. I had no idea everything a person could do inside the tunnel. I thought it was just a bunch of floating. These wind acrobats did tons of flips and turns. Then, unexpectedly they shot to the top of the tunnel. That’s when I started to get nervous. I thought we’d be floating gently just a few feet off the ground. I had no idea it was even possible to go that high. I told myself, maybe it’s just the pros that do that.

Danny practicing the proper body position.

Danny practicing the proper body position.

Then our flight instructor, Jason, found us. Jason led us to the training room. Since it was both Danny and my first time, he put on a basic instructional video. When you indoor skydive, there is a basic position you are to keep your body in. You lie on your stomach as you float with your hands above your head and your legs slightly bent extended behind you. We were also taught hand motions that our instructor would use if he needed us to adjust our body position. Because of the high wind in the tunnel, he would be unable to give us verbal instructions, so the hand motions were very important.

When Jason returned, he was extremely friendly and helpful. With the help of a padded table, he demonstrated the body position, and asked us if we wanted to practice. I appreciated the fact that Jason did it first, making me feel less foolish when I jumped up to try out the moves.

Danny told Jason about his past dislocations, and he was instructed to let Jason know if he started feeling any discomfort. Jason looked at our tickets and told us that our passes were special passes which allowed him to take us to the top. At that moment, my fear of heights kicked in. But when he asked if we wanted to, I meekly said yes. Next step, the tunnel!


Jason at iFLY was friendly and informed. He made our experience unforgettable.

Jason at iFLY was friendly and informed. He made our experience unforgettable.


Suit Up and FLY!


Getting geared up.

Getting geared up.

Our flight suits fit easily over our street clothes. We were told to wear lace up shoes, but these we had to remove and put back on to get the suit on. It was obvious that safety is a high priority at iFLY. We were given ear plugs to protect us from the high intensity wind, as well as safety goggles and helmets.

After we were dressed, Jason directed us to the tunnel. It’s completely enclosed in glass and consists of two entrances. The first leads you to the bench where those waiting to fly are seated. The next is your gateway into flight, leading directly into the wind tunnel.

I was up first. As soon as I stepped in, I got into the body position and began to float. It was unlike anything that I have ever experienced, and easier than I expected. For our first flight, Danny and I would just be practicing the basics, flying in a stable body position with minimal help. We were allowed two sessions with Jason in the tunnel. And each time, both Danny and I had huge smiles on our faces. It was so much fun! The sensation of flying is something I’ve always dreamed of! Jason helped us to learn how to go higher and lower and move around.

At the end of my second session, Jason gave me a hand signal letting me know we were about to go up. He grabbed my hands and off we flew. Circling around and around we jetted to the top of the tunnel and back down again. I definitely was not thinking of my fear of heights. I couldn’t help but laugh and woot! The whole ride was exciting and fun.


Danny takes to the sky at the end of his session.

Danny takes to the sky at the end of his session.


Post Flight and Future iFLY Excursions


Jason certifies that we completed our first flight!

Jason certifies that we completed our first flight!

After our flight, Jason gave each of us a certificate, stating that we had completed our training and gone through the first session successfully. He told us we did great, and encouraged us to come back.

Each time you return to iFLY, you are taught new skills like back flying, flips, cartwheels, jetting up to the top and more! Danny and I agreed that we would both love to come back!

iFLY is an amazing activity here in the Virginia Beach area. Whether you are a visitor or local, be sure to check out this unforgettable experience.



Check Out My Flight & Danny’s Flight




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Contact Information:


iFLY VA Beach

2412 Pacific Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA




Adventures at the Adventure Park: Fun for Amateurs & Advanced


Whether you’re a newb who doesn’t get out much, or an avid outdoorsman, the Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium is the perfect day of fun and challenges.


Preparing for our Adventure Park adventure.

Preparing for our Adventure Park adventure.


I’ve been to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center at least a dozen times. I love the serenity of watching the turtles swim or walking through the Red Sea tunnel surrounded by fishies above and beside me. But since I haven’t been there in the last couple of years, I didn’t know about the aquarium’s newest, and most exciting attraction to date.

Our first view of the Adventure Park peeking through the trees.

Our first view of the Adventure Park peeking through the trees.

Walking the path between the aquarium’s main building and the Marsh Pavilion used to be a simple nature walk between the exhibits, enjoying the sights and sounds of Owl Creek. Now, adventure is just around the corner. As you walk through the forested area, platforms, wires, zip lines and wood bridges connect the trees together in an intricate web of obstacles and challenges. This is the Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium.

When making my Adventure Park plans, I decided to take my boyfriend, Danny. Danny is definitely outdoorsy. From climbing trees and getting into scrapes as a kid to pursuing an active lifestyle now, he loves a good adventure! Camping in Shenandoah, surfing, kayaking and experiencing physical challenges! His love of outdoor pursuits led to current job at the Virginia Beach Rock Gym. I knew he would love the experience, and it made me feel better knowing I’d be with someone who knew what they were doing.

It’s not that I’m not active. I love trying new things! If Danny wants to go camping, climbing or hiking, I’m up for the challenge. I’m just not…the best at outdoor pursuits. Mostly from a lack of experience. I also have a pretty ferocious fear of heights. But as soon as I heard about the Adventure Park, I knew this would be the perfect place for Danny and I to try something new together.


Rebekah’s Experience: Adventure Park for Beginners

Safety First
Our guide, Aidan, prepares us for our adventure.

Our guide, Aidan, prepares us for our adventure.

Upon our arrival at the Adventure Park, we were given a harness and gloves and asked to wait for our guide. Aidan soon appeared and asked us to follow him. That’s when I saw the aerial playground that was waiting for us. I knew that the Adventure Park was in the trees, and I wasn’t scared at the idea of it. I wasn’t scared…until I actually saw how high we would be climbing. How high I would be climbing.

Aidan was extremely friendly and professional. He took Danny and I through the ropes, literally. He tightened our harnesses, showed us the clips, then took us step by step through how to use their “double-clipped-on” technology. These two clips ensure that we were always clipped in to one wire, even when switching to another wire or obstacle.

Aidan explained everything very well, but I started to have an internal panic attack. Danny understood exactly what was being explained, but it started to sound like another language to my anxious mind. Thankfully, there’s a mock course on the ground that we walked through to simulate the wires and clips we’d find in the trees. Danny sped through it, so my competitiveness to do as well as him kicked in. Everything Aidan had explained began to make sense, and the clipping system became second nature.

Danny's harness gets fitted.

Danny’s harness gets fitted.

Up in the Trees
We start out on the Green Fern Gully course.

We start out on the Green Fern Gully course.

The Adventure Park has six levels of difficulty. Purple and Yellow for beginners and young children, Green and Blue for intermediate climbers and Black and Double Black for the advanced and the daring. But to start, we had to get to the main tree platform which required climbing the first ladder. I clipped in and started to climb. That’s when I realized that this was going to be harder than I expected. I sit at a desk most days, and my arms started burning almost immediately. It was at that moment that I decided I was going to stick to Purple and Yellow, especially for my first climb. Danny had a different idea.

Let’s start with green,” he said.

Being competitive and not wanting to drag him down. I cautiously agreed. I thought that being that high in the trees, with only a couple of clips and a wire keeping me from death and injury would intimidate me. But the first trail was exhilarating! I have excellence balance and very long legs, so I was able to breeze through some of the more challenging bridges. I loved balancing on the spinning logs, or stretching from one board to the next to make my way from platform to platform. Some obstacles required upper body strength—these were the most challenging for me. But I finished, and was so proud of the accomplishment.


It Gets Harder
Each obstacle is different and challenging.

Each obstacle is different and challenging.

Blue next,” said Danny.

Umm… I wasn’t so sure about that one. At first I said no. But after some sweet talk and some assurances that he wouldn’t rush on ahead, I agreed. This course was a lot trickier. Some bridges made me feel like a tightrope walker, with handholds above my heads. Others rolled and wobbled so much that the only way to get through was to use your arms to steady yourself on the handholds. Honestly, there were moments when I didn’t know if I could finish, but I kept pushing myself.

One bridge in particular kicked my butt. Wobbling boards that swayed back and forth as you attempted to reach the next one. My arms were tired and I was afraid of falling. That’s when I remembered that I was clipped in. I sat down in my harness and pulled myself to the next platform. Not the most graceful thing I’ve ever done, but it got the job done.

The course ended with an auto-belay that lowered climbers from the top of the tree to the forest floor. My fear of heights was screaming at me. Climbers must step off the platform, trusting this wire to gently lower them. If there had been any other way down, I would have taken it. Danny patiently waited for me to confront my fear. I closed my eyes, and I stepped off. The auto-belay was actually fun! I enjoyed the slow descent.

Let’s do the black one,” said Danny.

A great day of conquering fears and overcoming challenges.

A great day of conquering fears and overcoming challenges.

Oh no! The Black course is the second hardest. But we heard from other climbers there that day that it was the most fun—having two zip lines that take you across Owl Creek. I spoke to a guide and asked if my lack of upper body strength would hinder me. He was friendly and honest. He told me that if I could conquer the first three obstacles, I’d be set! They almost did me in. A wobbly ladder that swayed as you climbed, a rolling log bridge and finally triangular foot holds that swung as you made your way across them. But after that, the obstacles were similar to those that I’d already encountered.

The zip line was one of the best outdoor experiences I’ve ever had! Both Danny and I agreed that it was our favorite part. I felt like I was soaring high above the creek. As we approached the end, Danny said that we would have to take another auto-belay to get out of the course. The platform we would be stepping off from was higher and this auto-belay was faster. Yet again, I freaked out a little. But after some deep breaths, I closed my eyes and stepped off. Easy peasy.


Danny’s Experience: Adventure Park for the Advanced

A great experience for even experienced climbers like Danny.

A great experience for even experienced climbers like Danny.

As someone who’s done a lot of outdoor activities and also works at a rock climbing gym, Danny’s experience was quite different than mine. While I was stressing listening to Aidan explain the clips and wiring system during safety training, this was just a refresher for Danny. He’d used equipment like this before, so it was nothing new. He still appreciated Aidan’s thorough and matter of face safety instructions.

The Green course was not much of a challenge for him, though he thought it was a good way to start—a warm up for the more challenging levels. Even the Blue course only held a few obstacles that actually were difficult for him. The Black course was definitely the most challenging part of the day. But where I was pushed to the limits of my capability, he was well within his range of comfortability.

But just because he didn’t feel as challenged as I did, he still loved his time at the Adventure Park. He appreciated the creative challenges, and thinking about how he would complete each one. He also loved the fact that each obstacle was different, not just a repetition of the same thing over and over again.


The Bottom Line

The Adventure Park is a great experience! The obstacles are challenging, but not so challenging that the average person can’t do them.

At the end of the day, both Danny and I were sore, tired but exhilarated. I was pumped that I had conquered my fears and overcome challenges that I didn’t know I could. Danny loved getting outside and doing what he loves.

We will both definitely come again. But next time, Danny will tackle a Double Black course. Me? We’ll see about that.


Contact Information:


Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium

801 General Booth Boulevard
Virginia Beach, VA





SNAPSHOT: Escape Room Virginia Beach


An engaging, interactive experience that keeps you on your toes. Photo Credit: Simon Media

An engaging, interactive experience that keeps you on your toes. Photo Credit: Simon Media


There is always so much to do when visiting Virginia Beach. The boardwalk and oceanfront, exciting restaurants and bistros and tons of area attractions. But if you want to get away from the same old, same old, why not try something fun and different? Escape Room is a newer Virginia Beach attraction that caters to those who are looking for something exciting and challenging to do.


What is Escape Room Virginia Beach?


Photo Credit: Simon Media

Photo Credit: Simon Media

Escape room Virginia Beach is an interactive group activity. Locked in a room with other people, you have to work as a team to find a specified item in the room that will allow you to escape. Look around and observe, search for clues and solve puzzles. The puzzles tend to be quite difficult, so they suggest that players be over the age of 14. However, kids have solved puzzles which stump adults.

The Escape Room concept actually began in Asia. But it quickly made its way over to the States and is now a huge phenomenon. The owner of Escape Room Virginia Beach experienced this activity at another location and knew that he needed to bring it to Virginia Beach.

Even if someone arrives timid, not knowing what to expect, by the time the game is through they’re ready to play again! Players must use their mind in ways they never expected. The challenge appeals to people.


Why Escape Room Virginia Beach?


Photo Credit: Simon Media

Photo Credit: Simon Media

There are a ton of reasons you should come to Escape Room Virginia Beach!

•Vacationers looking to get out of the sun or the rain
•Family bonding times
•Company team-building
•Gamers looking for a fresh challenge
•If you like to solve puzzles
•Those seeking to engage with others while having fun
•Events, like birthday parties, reunions, etc.
•Marriage proposals
•And more!


Escape Room Virginia Beach opened in 2015, and the Virginia Beach community has embraced the concept! People love interacting with each other during their experience. It’s pushed people to try creative way to solve problems.

Escape Room Virginia Beach has several room scenarios, all created in house. But they will continue to create new puzzles and games. That means you can go back to Escape Room Virginia Beach over and over again, and play new and exciting games.

It’s all about the experience at Escape Room Virginia Beach. It’s their highest priority that each person has fun while being challenged!



Contact Information:


Escape Room Virginia Beach

408 Investors Place #107
Virginia Beach, VA

(757) 228-7577




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SNAPSHOT: Topgolf in Virginia Beach


Topgolf is fun! Period.

Topgolf is fun! Period.


In December 2015, an exciting new attraction opened up in Virginia Beach. Topgolf! Topgolf was made to help hardcore golfers improve their game. But the idea took off, and now the majority of those who love Topgolf would describe themselves as “non-golfers.”

That’s because FUN is Topgolf’s core value. From the time you walk in the door, to the friendly and helpful staff, to the game itself, Topgolf wants to make sure you have a fun experience.

A friendly face greets you when you walk in the door, the workers accommodate all your needs and questions, the server brings your food with a smile on their face–everyone has the same mentality. They know you are spending your hard earned money with them, so their goal is to help you create lasting memories of having the best time.


Fun for Everyone–From Golfers to Kids

Snapshot-TopgolfBaysTopgolf was invented by two brothers from London. They were at a driving range, bored, wishing they could tell how far their balls were going, or how close to the pins they were. From this desire, Topgolf was born.

Topgolf isn’t just a driving range, it’s an interactive game that allows players to compete against each other. The entertainment complex has three stories and 102 hitting bays. Each golf ball has a microchip that can tell how far you hit it. Charge is hourly per bay, and each game allows you to hit 20 balls. But during your time, you can play as many games as you want.

Golfers love improving their game. Even kids and adults who have never picked up a golf club, love playing the games and picking up a new sport. Most non-golfers claim they’re just there to “watch,” but they pick up a club just for the heck of it. Time flies, and they’ve had an amazing time!

Delicious meals like the famous Mac Daddy Burger or Pickle Fries are just the start.

Delicious meals like the famous Mac Daddy Burger or Pickle Fries are just the start.

Each bay can have 6 players at any given time, but as many as 10 people hanging out. The bay also has a table and chairs, scoreboards, a flat-screen TV and a personal server. The food is amazing, and players can also order from the full bar.

Every bay at Topgolf is filled with awesome times! Moms and dads having special times with their kids. Groups of friends hanging out. Work events or birthday parties. Different types of people and different ages all loving their experience!


Virginia Beach Loves Topgolf

As soon as Topgolf opened, the community embraced the concept, and it’s quickly becoming a top area attraction. You can play all year long! During the winter, there are heaters. And the covered bays mean that you can stay dry if it’s raining or stay cool if you need some time out of the hot sun.

If you’re a visitor to Virginia Beach, be sure to check out this exciting new activity. It’s sometimes hard to think of activities the whole family will enjoy. But everyone loves Topgolf. Imagine a day where everyone is getting along, smiling and laughing. That’s what happens when fun is a core value!


Topgolf Fun

Snapshot-TopgolfBarHere are some activities and amenities to look forward to when coming to Topgolf:

•Rooftop terrace with bar and firepits
•Fun & Games for non-golfers (Xbox, pool, shuffleboard, foosball, etc.)
•Fun weekend activities (DJ, games on terrace and in the bays, prizes and more)
•Platinum membership with perks for avid golfers
•2 to 4 person leagues
•Week long summer camp for kids (starting June 13)
•Great events happening throughout the year!

CLICK HERE to take a virtual tour!


Contact Information:



5444 Greenwich Road, Virginia Beach, VA • (757) 544-9217 • Website



Monday–Thursday: 9 a.m.–Midnight
Friday: 9 a.m.–2 a.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m.–2 a.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m.–Midnight




Open–Noon: $25/Hour
Noon–5 p.m.: $35/Hour
5 p.m.–Close: $45/Hour

Playing Card:

$5 (one-time fee)




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SNAPSHOT: Seaside Flags and Gifts




When you buy a memento to remember your beach vacation, it’s not just another thing that lays around your house. It’s a memory that goes home with you. What could be more perfect than buying a beach themed item that give you joy every time you look at it. The joy stems from remembering your amazing Virginia Beach vacation.

Seaside Flags and Gifts doesn’t just sell décor and gifts, they sell memories. Their products are unique items you won’t be able to find everywhere. When customers walk into the store, they automatically feel a sense of relaxation. The smiling staff, relaxing atmosphere and even the music they play make visitors and locals want to come back again and again.


Shop Local!

The owners of Seaside Flags & Gifts love the beach. Growing up by the beach, living by the beach and now working their every day. They say that the sight of the water gives a sense of calm. The wonderful community in Virginia Beach makes the perfect location for this shop. The locals are friendly, and how could you not be happy at the beach!

The store was established in 2008 and named after a local amusement park that used to be in front of the store. Since that time, Seaside seeks to be a representation of the seaside community in Virginia Beach. A great way they do this is by carrying works from local artists. Most of their art has a short bio of the artist so customers can learn about them.  


Specialty Items

Whether you’re on vacation with your family, a traveling businessman, here for a convention or a kid looking for a gift for mom, Seaside has something you will love! Flags are the name of the store and flags are one of their top sellers.

The idea to sell flags came while traveling to the Outer Banks. Seeing the beautiful flags flying from people’s homes and businesses there inspired the owners. It’s the perfect greeting! When the owners returned home, they looked everywhere, from 1st to 40th street, for a store that sold flags, but couldn’t find one. Seaside Flags & Gifts came from a desire to provide these perfect greetings to guests and visitors. They have over 1,000 flags—monogram, seasonal, graduation, holiday and more!



They have also incorporated nautical gifts into their merchandise. They choose products that will bring you memories of your wonderful Virginia Beach vacation. It could be the frame you choose from their store to place a picture of your family at the shore. Or a sand dollar necklace that reminds you of the beach every time you wear it.

Other items include:

•Hand blown glass
•Coastal décor
•Hand painted wine glasses
•Art & photography
•Beautiful jewelry
•And more!


Every time you look at something you bought from Seaside Flags & Gifts, you should think, “I was there sitting on that beach. Amazing!”


Contact Information:

Seaside Flags and Gifts

3036 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA

(757) 422-1072




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SNAPSHOT: The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center


Photo Credit: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center


When you think of Virginia Beach, most people think of water. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay, the many rivers, streams and coastal waterways, and even the marshes. A trip to Virginia Beach means that you will come in contact with some sort of water. If you’re looking to get up close and personal with the natural side of Virginia Beach, come to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center!

This world-class aquarium brings the marine environment of the world to you. There you will have access to some of the wildest, wettest parts of Virginia Beach and the world that you might not get to encounter otherwise. You will learn about the importance of our upland rivers, our coastal marshes and the animals that live there. Learn the geological significance of this region. See – and sometimes touch – a variety of marine animals


Beginning with a Vision

Photo Credit: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center celebrates its 30th year on June 14, 2016! The idea was spurned by the Virginia Beach City School Board asking C. Mac Rawls to head a panel to study the idea for an area science resource room. The panel decided that it wanted to pursue the creation of a marine science museum.

It took over 10 years of work, with help from the City of Virginia Beach, who donated the land, but the museum officially opened in 1986. And since then, it has expanded from simply a marine science museum to the inclusion of an aquarium and other exciting expansions.

The aquarium aims to encourage conservation of the marine environment through education, research and sustainable practices. They want people to understand the marine environment that is so intrinsic to Virginia Beach and other areas, and to know simple ways they can make a difference. Their staff is involved in a wide variety of research, including watershed protection, eelgrass restoration, sea turtle nest monitoring, osprey tagging and surveying whale populations. They also offer water quality monitoring services to locals.


What is There to Do?


Get up close and personal with the animals.

Photo Credit: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

See amazing creatures, like stingrays, crabs, birds, sea turtles, sharks and even Komodo dragons and salt water crocodiles. You can also see native animals like river otters and harbor seals. Visit the fish that live in the Norfolk Canyon, the Chesapeake Bay and local marshes and rivers.


National Geographic 3D Theater

Watch a variety of exciting and educational movies on the huge Imax screen.


Take a Sea Adventure Boat Trip

If you want to experience the wonder of nature for yourself, take a boat trip to search for dolphins, whales and other wildlife.


Zip into the Adventure Park

The truly adventurous can climb up into the tree for an aerial forest adventure. High above the ground there are zip lines, bridges and more. Trails range from beginner to advanced.


See the new exhibit, STRANDED

Photo Credit: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

This exhibit is a way for guests to understand the scope and scale of the work performed by the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Team. The team rehabilitates stranded sea turtles and marine mammals, including seals. At the exhibit, learn about the types of animals they help, get details about recent patients, get a glimpse of a dolphin necropsy (autopsy) and even get a view into the stranding center with a live video feed.

Interactive activities for kids

The aquarium knows that young ones learn by doing, so interactive exhibits can be found throughout the Virginia Aquarium. They also have programs geared toward toddlers and others for elementary aged children. These programs incorporate scavenger hunts, active movement and games and sensory activities to explore different themes. They introduce young ones to animals, scientific exploration and discussions.


Click here to see some upcoming events for 2016


 Contact Information:


The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

717 General Booth Boulevard, Virginia Beach VA

(757) 385-3474




Virginia Beach has tons of great local businesses that represent this great, coastal community. CLICK HERE to check out more local business SNAPSHOTS.



SNAPSHOT: Virginia Beach


Neptune stands by the Ocean Front, welcoming visitors to Virginia Beach.

Neptune stands by the Ocean Front, welcoming visitors to Virginia Beach.


Virginia Beach is so much more than just a beach town. The longest pleasure beach in the world, an exciting boardwalk and a happening downtown. There are also 35 miles of ocean and bay beaches, the most popular nature park in Virginia and tons of natural beauty to soak in. Come experience what 3 million visitors a year already know, Virginia Beach is the best!


The Oceanfront
Park yourself on a beach towel and soak in some rays at Virginia Beach's oceanfront.

Park yourself on a beach towel and soak in some rays at Virginia Beach’s oceanfront.

The Oceanfront is just the start to this exciting resort town. For fitness junkies, there’s a 3-mile strip along the boardwalk just for joggers. Enjoy an early morning run as you watch the sun rise over the horizon. As the morning gets later, more people begin to flock to the sandy shore. Beach towels and umbrella dot the beach with color. Take your family for a ride in a surrey, or just hit the water to swim, surf or soak. The beaches are as wide as football fields, allowing room to play a game of catch or join in on a game of beach volleyball.


The Nightlife

When the sun starts to set, there are tons of events and festivals happening nightly hosted by Beach Street USA. Fireworks displays are a regular occurrence throughout July and August, and there is always live music and entertainment to enjoy. Want a romantic getaway? Virginia Beach was voted the number one most romantic city in America by OpenTable.


So Much to Do!
The Old Coast Guard Station is just one of many places where you can learn about Virginia Beach's rich history.

The Old Coast Guard Station is just one of many places where you can learn about Virginia Beach’s rich history.

The diversity you will find in Virginia Beach is astounding. Tee off at a championship golf course or kayak through some of the most interesting coastal marshes. It’s also rich with history, dating back hundreds of years. See where the first English settlers landed, or visit important battlegrounds from the Revolutionary and Civil wars.

But at the end of the day, vacations should be all about fun! And that’s what Virginia Beach has in abundance. Amusement parks and entertainment venues are everywhere. Festivals throughout the year celebrate food, wine, music and more! Rest assured that you and your family can relax in one of the safest seaside cities anywhere.


Interesting restaurants, exciting nightlife, family-friendly activities, unique boutiques and shopping—you won’t be disappointed in your Virginia Beach vacation.




There are so many great businesses in Virginia Beach! Amazing things to do, retail and restaurants. Here are some great places you should check out!


Local Business Snapshots: 

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Seaside Flags and Gifts

Topgolf in Virginia Beach

Strawberry Picking in Virginia Beach


In late spring and early summer, picking strawberries is a great activity for the whole family in Virginia Beach.

In late spring and early summer, picking strawberries is a great activity for the whole family in Virginia Beach.


There’s nothing quite like strawberry picking. The warm sun shines on the fields. Reds and greens fill your sight. You find the biggest, juiciest strawberries you’ve ever seen, and fill a bucket or basket. Juice gets all over your hands, but you don’t care. Anticipation for eating the delicious fruit is almost unbearable. Anticipation for strawberry pies, jams and shortcake.

Strawberry picking in May and June is a favorite pastime in Virginia Beach’s Pungo district. This rural community loves their strawberries so much that every year they celebrate with a strawberry festival. Your family will love picking their very own strawberries. And there are many farms in Pungo that allow people to come and pick strawberries, purchasing them by the pound. But where can you go to get these delectable eats.


Here is a list of Virginia Beach area farms that offer strawberry picking:

StrawberriesBrookdale Farms • 2060 Vaughan Road • 757-721-0558

Cromwell’s Produce • 3116 New Bridge Road • 757-721-6226

Cullipher Farm Market • 1444 Princess Anne Road • 757-721-7456

Flanagan Farms • 1707 Princess Anne Road • 757-426-5585

Flip Flop Farmer • 3244 New Bridge Road • 757-426-9908

Henley Farm3513 Charity Neck Road • 757-426-7501

Vaughan Farm’s Produce • 1258 Princess Anne Road • 757-615-4888



CLICK HERE to learn more about the Pungo Strawberry Festival.