Highlight: 33rd Annual Pungo Strawberry Festival



Event Details:

33rd Annual Pungo Strawberry Festival


May 27–May 29, 2016

Festival Hours:

Friday: 5–10 p.m. (carnival only)
Saturday: 9 a.m.–7 p.m. (carnival runs till 10 p.m.)
Sunday: 9 a.m.–7 p.m.

Admission:  FREE

Parking:  $10

GPS Address:

1776 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA




There’s nothing quite like a fresh, picked strawberry, still warm from the sun and dripping with juices. The farms of Pungo are famous for the best strawberries around. Every Memorial Day weekend, the Pungo community in Virginia Beach celebrate these little red berries. But they don’t do it alone, they swing open the doors of hospitality! Everyone is cordially invited to the Pungo Strawberry Festival. This is the 33rd year Pungo is celebrating their famed strawberry crop. Thousands of people come from far and wide to participate in the fun events, and of course, pick some strawberries.

Tons of activities you’d expect at an exciting rural event. Plus, vendors with amazing goodies to sample. And the star of the day, strawberries! There will be freshly picked strawberries (of course). Try desserts like strawberry shortcake and strawberry ice cream, chocolate dipped strawberries and other berry morsels.


Event Highlights:


•Entertainment on 3 stages

•Huge carnival

•Pie eating contest

•Pig races

•4H exhibits & activities

•Arts & crafts

•Food vendors



Click here to see where to go strawberry picking in Pungo.



My Story from Fort Story in Virginia Beach


Your family will never forget a trip to the Cape Henry Lighthouse at Fort Story in Virginia Beach.

Your family will never forget a trip to the Cape Henry Lighthouse at Fort Story in Virginia Beach.

The Cape Henry Lighthouse, the First Landing Cross and more are at Fort Story in Virginia Beach

My first visit to the Cape Henry Lighthouse happened when I was six years old. This vague memory includes a lot of stairs ending with a steep ladder. Six-year-old me freaked out and couldn’t make it to the top. My older brother and sister of course made me feel horrible by bragging about the incredible view. It has been many years since then, and it has always been on my bucket list to make it to the top of the Cape Henry Lighthouse. Spring Break this year presented a perfect opportunity. I decided to take my niece and two nephews to Virginia Beach’s Fort Story to get a slice of history and an afternoon of fun.


Come for the History

Cape Henry Lighthouse and Fort Story are significant to Virginia Beach history, and indeed Coastal Virginia. In 1607, this site saw the first landing of three English ships—the Susan Constant, the Godspeed and the Discovery, led by Captain Christopher Newport. Upon landing, they erected a wooden cross and gave thanks to God before heading up the James River to what would become Jamestown. The wooden cross is long gone, but there is now a granite cross that marks this historic event.


Cape Henry 2The Cape Henry Lighthouse is itself a piece of American history. It’s one of the oldest lighthouses in the U.S. It was commissioned by George Washington himself, and was completed in 1792. For almost one hundred years it watched over the coastal waters before being replaced by a cast iron lighthouse which stands nearby.


The waters off Fort Story also saw a pivotal Revolutionary War battle between the British and French which cut off supplies to General Cornwallis. The lack of supplies led to his surrender just a few months later.


Cape Henry History


What to Expect When You Visit

A visit to Fort Story and the Cape Henry Lighthouse will be an experience your family will love! But you should come prepared. Fort Story is a military base! This is very important to remember when you visit. Keep the following things in mind:

•Enter Fort Story at the Gate Access point on Atlantic Avenue (my GPS took me to the wrong gate, but a nice guard gave me directions to the correct entrance)

•Everyone over 16 years of age will need an ID

•Bring the registration for the vehicle you are driving

•Be prepared for security to search your car

•Everyone needs to be exit the car while the search takes place

•Lines at the security checkpoint can get long, be prepared to wait to enter

•During the summer, temperatures inside the lighthouse can be very high. The tower will close if it reaches 105° F


Visitor Information

Cape Henry 3Fort Story

583 Atlantic Avenue
Fort Story, VA 23459





$8 (adults)
$6 (children 12 & under)

First Landing Cross:



Cape Henry 5



International Children’s Festival in Hampton


If you’re in town Saturday, April 16, 2016, you won’t want to miss the International Children’s Festival in Hampton, VA


Come once, come every year! Photo Credit: International Children's Festival-Hampton

Come once, come every year!
Photo Credit: International Children’s Festival-Hampton















My dance team preparing to perform for the International Children's Festival. Photo Credit: hampton.gov

My dance team preparing to perform for the International Children’s Festival.
Photo Credit: hampton.gov

Every spring, I participate in the International Children’s Festival in Hampton as a folk dance team representing the nation of Israel. I love how the kids’ faces light up when they see and experience something new. I love how excited people get to witness performances from different countries. If you are vacationing in Virginia Beach this April, this is definitely something you won’t want to miss!

If you bring your kids to the International Children’s Festival in Hampton on April 16, 2016, they may develop a severe case of Wanderlust. At this amazing event, your children’s eyes will be opened to a swirl of culture, color and beauty that each nation present represents. Every peopled continent is represented: North & South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Your kids will have learning about each nation by representatives for that country. There will also be cultural performances (dance, song and martial arts) and animals from around the world to see and even ride!


Here are some highlights

•Booths representing each country
•Purchase passports to receive stamps from the different countries’ booths
•Fun activities
•Educational activities
•Representatives ready to answer questions
•Delicious food from many countries
•Dancing, music and other performances on three different stages
•Animals from around the world
•And so much more!


Event Info

International Children’s Festival in Hampton

Mill Point Park
100 Eaton St, Hampton, VA 23669
(757) 727-8311



LanternAsia at the Norfolk Botanical Garden


This special showcase of Asian works of art will be leaving soon. Come experience the colorful lantern and light displays.


Lantern Asia! "Art by Day, Magic by Night"

LanternAsia! “Art by Day, Magic by Night”


Meeting my Chinese Zodiac.

Meeting my Chinese Zodiac.

LanternAsia is a special exhibit that has taken over the Norfolk Botanical Garden this spring. I love attending local events, and this one is definitely worth the cost of admission. LanternAsia has traveled all over the world, and this is its first appearance in Virginia. Stemming from the lantern traditions of eastern Asia, each structure displays something unique and beautiful. Some lanterns display folklore while others reflect a respect for nature and wildlife. When you hear the word lantern, you may be thinking of a small, pumpkin sized light fixture. But these lanterns are epic. Some as tall as four stories or as long as five school buses.

My own experience at LanternAsia was one I’ll never forget. Since the motto was “Art by Day, Magic by Night,” I decided to come early so I could experience the exhibit during the day and at night.


Art by Day…

Over 1,000,000 porcelain dinnerware make up this impressive display.

Over 1,000,000 porcelain dinnerware make up this impressive display.

I have had the pleasure of exploring the Norfolk Botanical Garden before, but LanternAsia has transformed the gardens, and splashed it with vibrant and colorful displays. Everything has aligned itself with the Asian theme, from the lanterns hanging in the trees as I drove in, to the Asian artifacts in the visitor’s center where I got my ticket.

My daytime experience was very different than my night experience. Since most people know that the lanterns are brilliant when lit, there were no crowds when I arrived. I had the freedom to roam and not be jostled. There were also tram rides available so that guests can hear guided descriptions of all the displays. I chose to wander the paths with my boyfriend. The gorgeous, blooming trees were a perfect backdrop to the vivid displays.

LA- Kylin up closeThere were two standouts to my daytime experience. The White Pagoda was constructed by using over 1,000,000 pieces of porcelain strung individually together by craftsman. It was amazing to see the structure as a whole, but it was incredible to realize that each square-foot contains plates, cups and saucers adding perfectly to the whole design.

The Kylin in Delight is unlike any other lantern. Instead of being made of silk or paper, these dragon-like creatures are constructed using clear bottles filled with colored liquid. The intricate designs used to create it resembled gem settings in a piece of jewelry.


Magic by Night…


The White Pagoda lit up.

The White Pagoda lit up.

As the sun began to set, the lights within each of the exquisite lanterns turned on. I could hardly wait for the daylight to leave so that I could see everything all lit up. The evening experience was definitely busier, the crowds being drawn to the magical experience. As it got darker, the lantern displays took on a new life. Every inch of the garden took on a magical glow. Some of the displays that I thought were unimpressive during the day, left me speechless with their beauty at night.

The Chinese Dragon, the longest display, looked like a fiery beast roaming the garden. The Taj Mahal glowed and seemed to float in the dark. And the lights of the White Pagoda changed colors periodically from blue to purple to green.

The Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon

Lantern Asia's Taj Mahal

LanternAsia’s Taj Mahal

The Kylin up close, sparkling like a jewel.

The Kylin up close, sparkling like a jewel.

Make sure to experience LanternAsia now!


More information…


Now–April 30

Norfolk Botanical Garden
6700 Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk, VA
(757) 441-5830

LanternAsia’s Website


Ticket Prices:
$10/Children (3-17)

Friday & Saturday: 9 a.m.–10 p.m.
Sunday–Thursday: 9 a.m.–9 p.m.


To read more about the Norfolk Botanical Garden, CLICK HERE.


Jump into Nature at the Norfolk Botanical Garden


If you’re longing for a walk among the trees and flowers while on your Virginia Beach Vacation, come explore the Norfolk Botanical Garden


I love Norfolk Botanical Gardens!

I love Norfolk Botanical Garden!


The Norfolk Botanical Garden is like nowhere else in the Coastal Virginia region. No matter what time of year you come, there is tons to explore, tons to see and tons to experience. Because that’s what the Norfolk Botanical Garden is—it’s not just an attraction, it’s an experience. Brides flock to this venue to host their weddings because every corner holds a special magic. The garden is also the largest collector of azaleas, camellias, roses and rhododendrons on the East Coast.


A Place of History

The Norfolk Botanical Garden is listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of its unique history. At the height of the Great Depression, 220 African-American workers were hired to begin working on the initial 30 acres by the WPA. Since then, the garden has expanded to 175 acres.


Distinctive Features
Take boat tours down Norfolk Botanical's very own canal.

Take boat tours down Norfolk Botanical’s very own canal.

You can visit the Norfolk Botanical Garden a dozen times, and still find something new to marvel at. That’s because this beautifully maintained land is designed to delight and intrigue visitors, as well as educate them through well-informed guides and educational programs. Here are some of the attractions that draw visitors every year:

•52 themed gardens, including a Renaissance Court, an expansive Rose Garden, a Japanese Garden and many more

The Botanical Garden has specific gardens that are featured during each season, so no matter what time of year you visit, you will find a place of beauty (this includes a Holly Garden in the winter or a Hummingbird garden in the summer).

•A 2-acre Butterfly Garden with a Butterfly House where you can get up close and personal with the winged creatures. There’s also a challenging butterfly maze all ages will enjoy.

Worried your kids will get bored? The WOW Children’s Garden is as exciting as it is educational. Fun fountains and jet sprays to splash around in, as well as programs that teach about flora from around the world and also edible garden demonstrations.

•Beautiful boat tours and informative tram tours that show the garden to best advantage.



Throughout the year, there are fun and educational programs, some depending on season. Before the Winter Holidays, the garden lights up and becomes the Garden of Lights. There are also other exciting events throughout the year!


General Information

Rose Garden at NBGNorfolk Botanical Garden
6700 Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk, VA
(757) 441-5830

Members: FREE
Adults: $11
Seniors/Military: $10
Ages 3–18: $9
2 & under: FREE w/ Adult


Other Articles…

 CLICK HERE to read more about LanternAsia, an unforgettable event happening now through April 30, 2016.

 Looking for more to do while in Norfolk? CLICK HERE to read about local museums.


The Seven Venues of Norfolk – Arts & Entertainment


A Vacation to Virginia Beach is not complete without visiting one of the seven venues in nearby Norfolk

The Norfolk Scope is just one of the seven amazing arts & entertainment venues!

The Norfolk Scope is just one of the seven amazing arts & entertainment venues!


The Seven Venues in Norfolk, VA, is dedicated to bringing arts, culture and entertainment to the region. If you need a night away from the beach, if you’d like to see a great show or sporting event or just need an idea for a date night, one of the seven venues is bound to have exactly what you’re looking for.


Attucks Theatre
1010 Church Street, Norfolk, Virginia • 757-664-6464

Attucks has a rich history in the African American community in Norfolk. Known as “the Apollo of the South,” it showcased such entertainers as Duke Ellington and Nat King Cole. In 1977, it became a National Historic Landmark. The restored Attucks now features a variety of plays, speakers and concerts.

Chrysler Hall
215 Saint Pauls Boulevard, Norfolk, Virginia • 757-664-6464

A large 2,500 seat performing arts center that brings the best plays, comedians and concerts to Norfolk.

To read more about Chrysler Hall, CLICK HERE.

Harbor Park
150 Park Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia • 757-664-6464

Memories are made at Harbor Park. With over 12,000 seats, your family will thrill with the masses as the local baseball team, the Norfolk Tides take the field.

Harrison Opera House
160 West Virginia Beach Boulevard, Norfolk, Virginia • 757-664-6464

The world of opera can be opened up to you at Harrison Opera House. You will feel transported into a world of elite elegance as you sip champagne and gaze at the lovely chandeliers. Receive a musical education as you take in a classic opera or a lesser known work.

Prism Theatre at Scope
201 East Brambleton Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia • 757-664-6464

A flexible performing space that hosts large concerts, children’s shows and theatrical shows. The range and flexibility of the space is incredible, so you never quite know what your experience at the Prism will be.

Scope Arena
201 East Brambleton Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia • 757-664-6464

The scope is a landmark that can’t be missed in downtown Norfolk, with its impressive concrete dome. The scope holds such epic entertainments as the Ringling Bros. And Barnum and Bailey Circus, basketball games, conventions, concerts and, of course, hockey games with the local Norfolk Admirals. Come for a larger than life experience!

Wells Theatre
110 East Tazewell Street, Norfolk, Virginia • 757-664-6464

The Wells Theatre, built in 1916, has run the gamut of entertainment. Starting as a legitimate theatre, it has also served as a movie theater, house of burlesque, x-rated theater and brothel. Now the classically beautiful theatre is a National Historic Landmark, and home to the Virginia Stage Company who mount productions of high caliber.


To see the Seven Venues Calendar of Events, CLICK HERE.


Chrysler Hall in Norfolk: Performing Art, Entertainment & Beauty



One of my favorite places to see the arts---Chrysler Hall in Norfolk!

One of my favorite places to see the arts—Chrysler Hall in Norfolk!

If it’s the performing arts you want to experience while vacationing in Virginia Beach, there is no finer place than Norfolk’s Chrysler Hall!


This past Saturday, I returned to Chrysler Hall. This performing arts center has stood as a beacon of art and culture in Coastal Virginia for as long as I can remember. Even though I have been more times than I can remember, I still thrill when I enter the glass doors, and the usher takes my ticket and scans it. An elegant staircase stands before me, with stunning chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. The sights and sounds make the venue feel otherworldly. Instantly I’m transported from the mundane, and I’m a cultured and sophisticated patron. Excited theatre-goers, most dressed to the nines, mill around, their voices filling the lobby with a hum of anticipation. I had tickets to see Shen Yun, a colorful and exciting show which features Chinese dance and music.

Accompanying me to Shen Yun was my mom and my niece and nephew. It was their first time attending a performance at Chrysler Hall. This made me remember one of my first experiences at Chrysler Hall. My friend invited me to see West Side Story with her. As an avid theatre lover, I thrilled at the stunning sets, the amazing performances and the swell of the live orchestra. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but the experience was so overwhelming that tears slipped down my face as I watched the performance. A beautiful show still chokes me up. And my most recent experience at Shen Yun was no different.


Shen Yun

Seeing Shen Yun with my mom, niece and nephew was an unforgettable experience.

Seeing Shen Yun with my mom, niece and nephew was an unforgettable experience.

Chrysler Hall attempts to bring the best the world has to offer to their grand staging area. And for the cultural experience that Shen Yun promised to be, almost every one of the 2,500 seats were filled. When the red curtain lifted, the audience was treated to an epic spectacle. A digital backdrop seamlessly combined the action on stage with picturesque settings. The backdrop also allowed characters to fly from the sky and seemingly appear on stage. World class dancers told the ancient Chinese creation story and different folktales through music. They also wowed us with regional and ethnic folk dances. Amazing costumes were used to make the stage swim with color and movement. One dance in particular, Fairies of the Sea, used delicate fans to recreate the motion of water. My eyes couldn’t take in all the beauty and movement, but they devoured as much of the wonder as possible. If you missed it this year, don’t worry! Shen Yun graces the Chrysler Hall stage yearly. So if you’re a visitor to Virginia Beach, and you want to catch this must-see show, you may want to plan your visit around their performance schedule.


Chrysler Hall Performing Arts Center

 Chrysler Hall is just one of the “Seven Venues,” which are centers of culture, art and entertainment in Norfolk. For over 40 years, Chrysler hall has strived to bring the best performers from all over the country, and even the world, to Coastal Virginia. And there’s always a variety. You can see regional arts organizations like the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, the Virginia Ballet and the Virginia Arts Festival, a spring festival focusing on arts education in the region. All these are in addition to the touring Broadway shows, concerts and comedians who come through the area to perform at Chrysler Hall.

If it’s more cutting edge theatre you are looking for, check out the Generic Theatre. In this small playhouse, offbeat productions are mounted. Plays that challenge and delight, and that you’re not likely to see anywhere else.

CLICK HERE to view Chrysler Hall’s upcoming show schedule, and take in a performance during your Virginia Beach vacation.


Chrysler Hall Information

215 Saint Pauls Boulevard
Norfolk, Virginia 23510




To learn about the other Seven Arts & Entertainment Venues in Norfolk, CLICK HERE.


Shop Till You Drop! Malls & Outlets in Virginia Beach and the Surrounding Areas


Here is your guide to the best malls and outlets in Virginia Beach and beyond! Don’t stress about finding the best shopping in the area!


Shopping in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas is a retail adventure!

Shopping in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas is a retail adventure!


Everyone loves a good deal! But if you’re on vacation, you may not know how to find the best shopping. In Virginia Beach, great shopping experiences are found all over. Starting in our fair city and beyond, here is a cheat sheet to find just what you are looking for. Maybe you need to replace something, find a gift or expand your wardrobe. Or maybe you just want a day to window shop. Whatever the reason, take advantage of these great shopping malls and outlets to quench your shopping thirst.


Here’s a List of Malls & Outlets Located in Virginia Beach and the Coastal Virginia Region:

Lynnhaven Mall
701 Lynnhaven Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA • 757-340-9340 • Website

Lynnhaven wants to ensure you have an enjoyable shopping experience with tons of stores, services & fun! A classic two-story carousel graces its entrance, making you will feel transported the moment you enter. Lynnhaven features a parent-friendly children’s play area, Free Wi-Fi, and a delicious dining center! They also have an AMC theatre with comfortable seating and IMAX theaters. Plan a day of fun for any age at Dave and Buster’s, or check out the 180 stores.


Pembroke Mall
4554 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA • 757-497-6255 • Website

This newly renovated shopping center is a local gem with lots of options to pick from. Pembroke Mall was the first mall to be opened in Virginia Beach in 1966. The recent renovations brought in such stores as Target, Old Navy, Kohl’s, and so many more.  Great eateries are steps away. And new in 2016, Pembroke has opened a Nordstrom Rack, a Nordstrom off-price location that gives discounts of 30–70%! Pembroke is also directly across from the popular Virginia Beach Town Center.


Virginia Beach Town Center
222 Central Park Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA • 757-497-2113 • Website

 The beautiful Town Center serves as a center of shopping, dining and entertainment in Virginia Beach. With the tallest buildings in the city, it’s hard to miss Virginia Beach’s Town Center. The beautiful outdoor shops allow you to stroll through a lovely complex. Dining features such favorites as The Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Changs. Or you can spend an evening laughing at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone.


The Shops at Hilltop
1544 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA • Website

The Shops at Hilltop are comprised of over 120 top-notch boutiques, shops, specialty stores and restaurants. Conveniently located just five minutes from the Virginia Beach oceanfront, this shopping center is perfect for those who need a break from their beach vacation. Enjoy a unique blend of shops brimming with contemporary and classic apparel, and fine or casual dining options. At Hilltop one will find the latest in fashion, beautifully designed jewelry, and decorative home accents in a beautifully arranged and inviting setting. No matter what time of day you decide to pay a visit, you will have an exceptional experience.


MacArthur Center Mall
300 Monticello Avenue, Norfolk, VA • 757-627-6000 • Website

Located in nearby Norfolk, the classy MacArthur Center offers a unique and memorable shopping experience. Three levels of shopping provide specialty stores that aren’t easily found in other malls or locations. These include: The Art of Shaving, Brighton Collectibles, Pottery Barn, and many more like these. Take a day to explore MacArthur and other Norfolk attractions. Need a shopping break? Take in a movie at the Regal Cinemas or get some food at one of the many eateries ranging from casual to sit-down restaurants to quick eats in the Food Court.


Peninsula Town Center
4410 East Claiborne Square, Hampton, VA • 757-838-1505 • Website

Located just across the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, Peninsula Town Center offers a happy excursion into Hampton, VA for some premium shopping. It’s worth the short drive, as you’ll find yourself in a beautiful outdoor location, with great shops, delicious food and a vibrant atmosphere. If you’re looking for contemporary shops, this is the place for you!


Williamsburg Premium Outlet
5715 Richmond Road #62A, Williamsburg, VA • 757-565-1119 • Website

Located in the beautiful and historic Williamsburg, VA, these outlets offer name-brand and designer lines at ridiculous discounts. Stores include Calvin Klein, Nautica, Michael Kors, Coach, and many, many more! New stores are being added all the time, so be sure to make this a part of your vacation to the Coastal Virginia area!




Restaurants for the Whole Family at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront


Finding the right family-friendly, oceanfront restaurant to visit while on vacation in Virginia Beach


You shouldn't have to stress about taking the kids out to eat while on vacation.

You shouldn’t have to stress about taking the kids out to eat while on vacation.


Taking a family trip to Virginia Beach is relaxing, educational and entertaining, as the city offers tons of interesting activities everyone will enjoy—historic sites, wonderful ocean views, theme parks and restaurants are built right by the shore. Visitors to Virginia Beach never need to worry about bringing the kids along. The relaxed beach attitude combined with a healthy dose of southern hospitality ensures that you will find plenty of places to take your kids. This includes restaurants, even at great boardwalk locations. These restaurants offer an excellent, family-friendly atmosphere that will keep you coming back year after year. Whether this is your first visit to Virginia Beach, or you’ve come before, you should come anticipating a great visit everyone in the family will enjoy.


And just to take the stress off of you, here are some of the top family-friendly restaurants, right by the Virginia Beach Oceanfront:


Murphy’s Irish Pub
2914 Pacific Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA • (757) 417-7701 • Website

Established in 2003, this cozy, family-friendly restaurant is well known by the beach community for its traditional Irish food and wonderful entertainment. Meals are prepared with fresh ingredients by wonderful and experienced chefs. Winter visitors will enjoy the comfort of the largest four-sided fireplace in Virginia Beach. And summer visitors can enjoy the beach atmosphere from the patio. If you’re looking for live entertainment and a lively atmosphere, think Murphy’s.

Doughboy’s California Pizza
33rd Street Location • 3224 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA • (757) 747-2511
24th Street Location • 2410 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA • (757) 425-7108
17th Street Location • 1700 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA • (757) 422-6111

Who doesn’t love pizza? Doughboy’s in Virginia Beach makes it easy. With a stellar menu and three convenient locations, Doughboy’s is your best bet for a family-friendly dining experience. Not in the mood for pizza? No need to worry! They also offer other great Italian dishes, as well as burgers and salads. And with a discounted menu for kids 10 and under, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. For friendly service, great pizza and even a full bar, there’s no place like Doughboy’s.

King of the Sea
2612 Atlantic Avenue Virginia Beach, VA • (757) 428-7983 • Website

A full, all-you-can-eat, seafood buffet filled with the most delectable fish, crab legs and oysters you can find—that’s what you will get at King of the Sea. Maybe you’re afraid to try a seafood place because your kids aren’t fish eaters. King of the Sea offers a children’s menu with some fish-free alternatives. For more than 45 years, King of the Sea has offered quality food and a memorable atmosphere that will bring you back every time you’re in Virginia Beach.

Pocahontas Restaurant
Located on 35th Street, 3420 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA • (757) 428-6352 • Website

Looking for a great breakfast place to take the kiddos? Why not try the place voted “Best Pancake House in Virginia Beach” by the Food Network? Your whole family will enjoy the amazing food that brings locals and visitors coming back again and again. The atmosphere is also fun and kid-friendly. Your kids will love exploring the life-sized Teepee built right inside.


Now that you know that family-friendly restaurants are just a step away from your oceanfront, Virginia Beach vacation, you can relax. Come to Virginia Beach, a perfect vacation spot for every age.


Virginia Zoo’s Cutest Cubs

By: Kearsten Walden

In honor of Women’s History Month, Norfolk museums will offer free admission to six local organizations on Saturday, March 12 for Museum Day Live!. This free admissions day encourages women and girls, especially of color in underserved communities, to explore their surroundings and have the opportunity to be impacted by history, culture, animals and more. You can learn more details about participating locations and to download your ticket, vist smithsonian.com/museumdaylive.

If FREE wasn’t an incentive enough to get out and about on Saturday, you can watch the Malayan Tiger cubs (Virginia Zoo’s newest additions) play in their newly built play pen, that is if you haven’t already seen them on their Tiger Cub Cam.

I recently spent a morning speaking with Virginia Zoo’s resident Veterinarian, Dr. Amanda Guthrie, who gushed about the critically endangered cubs and the progress they’ve made since being born only nine weeks ago.

These cubs are so precious! Is it hard to not get attached?

We do get attached to them in a way…we’re very committed obviously to insuring their success. But we understand that they are not going to stay here forever. They have a piece of a bigger mission to go on and help the survival of their species so we’re committed to getting them to the place where they can go on and contribute to their population… Animals are always coming and going and we do get used to it but certainly we love them very much and we’ve put a lot of time into caring for them so we’ll miss them when that time comes.

When will the boys get names and how do you decide on names?

It totally depends. Sometimes we have naming contests, sometimes the staff names animals. It just depends on the situation. Because these guys are so special, we’re probably going to auction off that opportunity for somebody and raise money for the zoo.

Tiger cubs 1

How long will the cubs stay at the zoo? Are there future plans for them at other zoos?

They’ll probably be here for the next 12-24 months and then they’ll probably go to another zoo. They’re a part of an SSP, or a Species Survival Program. There’s a group of people who keep a stud book and family tree and monitor the genetics and numbers of the population; it’s very sophisticated. That will be determined at a later date, probably not for a year or more, based on the needs of the population, what institutions will take them, whether they’re needed for exhibit or breeding…a lot of factors will play into that. I can’t predict what will happen in 12-24 months but they will give us a recommendation if they’re supposed to go together or separate, breeding or exhibit.

Tiger cubs 2

What were your hopes for Api and the cubs? And can you explain Api’s abandonment of the boys and the impact of them being hand reared?

She was a first time mom. She didn’t understand what was going on and what she was supposed to be doing and she was just ignoring them. She, luckily, was not aggressive towards them and didn’t hurt them, which was great. Certainly we were hoping that she’d know what to do, but it’s tough because you never know what they’re going to do. A lot of times it’s instinct, and it depends on the species. We were hoping that she would take care of them—that would be the best option for them to develop normal Tiger behavior. Luckily they have one another. If there had only been one cub, we probably would have had to send it somewhere else so it’d have a buddy. You never want to hand rear them alone, because they don’t understand that they’re a tiger. It’s very important for them to have one another so they can wrestle and play and learn all those behaviors and practice being a tiger. These guys are critically endangered and extremely important to the population. There are fewer than 300 in the wild, so we could not take a chance on them not surviving.

Will they ever get to interact with their parents again?

What we’re planning for now, which may change, is that they will go on exhibit within a couple of months and they’re probably going to take turns being with their dad. They’re never going to be in the same space with their dad, but they’ll be able to see him and learn from him. Tigers are solitary in the wild. They would never see their dad, and they only spend a few months with their mom before they go out on their own.


What are your hopes for the free Zoo day this Saturday?

“[For people] To learn how important these animals are in the wild and to conserve the places where they live, or else our grandchildren are not going to live on a planet with tigers, which is very sad. Our mission is to teach people about animal conservation and so these guys are really great ambassadors for their species and for people to care about tigers. Hopefully we’ll have the playpen ready so that people can come watch them play, because they’re almost completely off the bottle now. We want people to come see them play and have fun so they’ll get that impact, learn about tigers, and hopefully give money to tiger conservation if they’re interested. That’s what we’re here for…to give people an impactful experience.”

*Click here to see the original article CoastalVirginiamag.com 

Participating Norfolk Museums:

The Chrysler Museum
One Memorial Place, Norfolk, VA
Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; noon–5 p.m. on Sunday; and closed Monday

The Hampton Roads Naval Museum
One Waterside Drive, Norfolk, VA
Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; noon-5 p.m. on Sunday; and closed Monday

The Hermitage Museum
7637 North Shore Road, Norfolk, VA
Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday

The MacArthur Memorial
198 Bank Street, Norfolk, VA
Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; 11 a.m.–5 p.m. on Sunday; and closed Monday

One Waterside Drive, Norfolk, VA
Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

The Virginia Zoo
3500 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA
Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m.