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virginia beach boardwalk hotelThere is no substitute sometimes for being right on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Mention the Va Oceanfront or Virginia Beach Oceanfront hotel and two things people picture are the sand and the Virginia bch boardwalk. For many the Boardwalk is part of the experience so being right on the boardwalk near the beach is the biggest criteria for hotel or motel selection.

Finding the Best Boardwalk Hotel on the Oceanfront According To Google

I cannot list every hotel here that you might frequent in your quest to be only footsteps from the pavement of the Virginia Boardwalk. There are too many hotels. There are too many ratings. And there too many opinions. So I will pull a few hotels and pick ones with good or great ratings

I am picking a hotel from what people consider to be the main area of the Oceanfront, the area from in the 20s block. Virginia Beach has incredible hotels for miles more as you head North but this is a heavily trafficked section, and our focus here

One Of Many Top Rated Beachfront Hotels: Virginia Beach Comfort Inn Suites

Virginia Beach Comfort Inn Suites

Rated over 4 stars at the time this was written the Comfort Inn is a Boardwalk Oceanfront hotel with a lot to offer at a good price point. In addition to the consistency of a being a national chain I saw some unique things which stood out.

They are:

  • Breakfast with a view
    Hot buffet Breakfast with a view of the Oceanfront (great view= always a plus)
    Boardwalk Overlook
  • There is a hot tub indoors that overlooks the Boardwalk


Another Nearby Boardwalk Accommodation: Marriott Courtyard

A few blocks down is another highly rated chain hotel. The Marriot Courtyard is sort of a guaranteed excellence type hotel where you know certain elements will be there giving you piece of mind when you check in. The most obvious is the big lounging area. The other is the large breakfast in the morning. Coupled with clean rooms this is always a good choice and consistently ranks 4 out of 5 on Google

virginia beach boardwalk hotel amenitiesInstant Attractions Very Close To Boardwalk Located Hotel

Both hotels sit near the Naval Aviation Monument Park as well as 24th street park on the Boardwalk which has some fantastic entertainment annually including:

  • She Crab Soup Festival
  • Pan Festival
  • Salute to summer music bash
  • And lots more
  • And this is in addition to the things you can do at the beach, Boardwalk and around town

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