31st Street Live Music Schedule

31st Street Live Music Schedule


 Check out the music schedule for the 31st Street Stage this summer in Virginia Beach!

Looking for something to do at night while in Virginia Beach? How about some live music! Located at the 31st Street Stage, also known as Neptune’s Park, there will be live music of all types of genres playing all throughout the summer!

Check out the schedule for JULY 2015:

SUNDAY–THURSDAY  – 6:00 P.M.–10:00 P.M.

FRIDAY–SATURDAY – 7:00 P.M.–11:00 P.M.


Virginia Beach 31st Street Stage area Virginia Beach 31st Street Stage area


Tuesday, 14: Cheap Thrills— Soul/Rock/Pop/Hip Hop

Wednesday, 15: The Hark— Rock/Soul/Folk/Dance

Thursday, 16: The TFC Band— 50s/Motown/Classic Soul/60s

Friday, 17: Bam Bam Betty—Classic Rock/Funk/Modern

Saturday, 18 (Day): Skylife Duo— Guitar/Cello/Eclectic

Saturday, 18: Charles Dardin— Jazz/Big Band

Sunday, 19 (Day): Caribbean Steel Drum Band— Calypso/Reggae/Island Music

Monday, 20: Snackbar Jones— Modern Rock/Hip Hop/Country/Alternative/80s/ Classic Rock/Disco

Tuesday, 21: Plastic Eddy— Alternative Rock/Funk

Wednesday, 22: Matisyahu— Reggae/Hip Hop/Rock

Thursday, 23: The Janitors— 60s/70s/80s/Country/Dance/Funk/Oldies/Top 40

Friday, 24: This Time Around— Rock/Classic Rock/Country

Saturday, 25 (Day): HM Johnson Band— R&B/Blues/Jazz

Saturday, 25: Mike Proffitt Band— Classic & Original Acoustic Rock

Sunday, 26 (Day): Ray Meeks— Country/ Adult Alternative

Sunday, 26: Borderline Crazy— Classic Rock/Country/Modern/Reggae

Monday, 27: Brandon Bower Band— Funk/Soul/Rock/Jam

Tuesday, 28: The Jacob Vanko Band— Americana/Soul/Rock

Wednesday 29: Guava Jam— 70s/Classic Rock/Country/Adult Contemporary

Thursday 30: VSO Symphony by the Sea— Big Band

Friday 31: Cover This— Current Top 40 Hits