Bad Ass Coffee
Virginia Beach

Bad Ass Coffee

Coffeehouse serving Hawaiian roasts, including a 100% Kona brew, in a laid-back setting.

There's a little bit of Hawaii in the heart of Virginia Beach. Here at Bad Ass Coffee the Aloha Spirit is alive and well. Come enjoy the best breakfast and lunch in town, served all day. Pair this with our great American grown coffee from Hawaii, served just the way you like it. We offer plentiful parking and outdoor seating-make it a perfect day at Bad Ass Coffee.


In 1989, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii was born on the Big Island of Hawaii with a goal of sharing American-grown, premium Hawaiian coffee from Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Moloka‘i, Kona and Ka’u with coffee lovers everywhere.

It didn’t take long for the legend of Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii to reach the mainland as tourists began to bring their new favorite coffee, hats and t-shirts home and spread the word about their Hawaiian Bad Ass experience. A new legend was born!

In 1995, B.J. Bilanzich was so taken by the playfulness of the brand, that upon arrival to Salt Lake City, she and her husband began to open stores in Utah and eventually purchased Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii and began franchising on the mainland.

Today, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii continues to serve premium Hawaiian and other top international coffees with a kick – but Bad Ass Coffee franchises don’t stop there. We also serve popular blended drinks, teas, food and branded merchandise with exceptional service through 24 stores in the U.S., US Virgin Islands and Japan.

We’re committed to sharing the warm hospitality of the Aloha Spirit with a store atmosphere that allows customers to relax, enjoy themselves and fuel their inner Bad Ass.

In 2019, Royal Aloha Coffee, LLC purchased the rights to the Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii brand and in 2020 launched an exciting new brand experience with an updated logo, packaging, store design and even some new products, while still paying respect the the heritage and quality of the brand. 


With a name like Bad Ass Coffee, it’s easy to get confused, or even forget about the little guy who inspired our name and holds a special place in Hawaiian Coffee history.

Our donkey embodies the spirit of being a badass. We have a unique story that conveys our character and heritage. We take our coffee serious, live the “Aloha Spirit” everyday and most of all have fun in store environments that lets you, be you!

We like to think that there’s a little Bad Ass attitude in every bean we roast and every cup we brew for our customers. We’re stubborn about ensuring the highest quality of our beans and we’re dedicated to reliably making you the perfect cup every time. Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii hand selects and roasts our own Hawaiian coffee beans and other international coffees with your perfect cup of coffee in mind.