Duck Donuts
Virginia Beach

Duck Donuts

Warm, delicious donuts made to order!

Stop by our location and sample our famous, made-to-order donuts. Made fresh for you with a large variety of glazes and toppings. Combine that with our freshly brewed coffees and you have everything you need for a great breakfast or snack!

Keeping it simple! We guarantee every customer a clean courteous, family friendly, fun and scrumptious experience. This is our family serving your family and we want you to come back!

What started out as a whim, a far-fetched idea, a fun project, about ten years ago, has turned into an exciting adventure. After months of investigation, recipe trials and some collaborative workings with local merchants, my partner at the time, Robin Griffith, and I developed the answer. Duck Donuts!!! When it comes to donuts, everyone knows that it’s true, there is nothing like a freshly made warm donut or two or three, along with a good piping hot cup of coffee.