Catch a Freebee in Virginia Beach

Freebee is changing the way that people move around Virginia Beach by providing complimentary, on-demand, door-to-door transportation in eco-friendly vehicles!

The fleet is composed of Model X Teslas, which are 100% electric, that will pick you up and drive you for free to and from anywhere within the geofenced service area. The service area will initially be focused around Virginia Beach’s Resort Area and the ViBe District, with the possibility of expansion when the service is successful. 

The goal of implementing Freebee is to help reduce the number of cars on the road, thus reducing traffic congestion and freeing up parking spaces. It also serves to connect people with local businesses so that people can take full advantage of the amazing locations that Virginia Beach has to offer. Notably, Freebee provides a viable alternative to drinking and driving while significantly reducing the amount of carbon dioxide otherwise emitted from the tailpipes of gas-powered vehicles.

Freebee vehicles are driven by friendly Community Ambassadors who will drive you safely to your destination while also providing you with an enjoyable experience. Note: It is permissible to tip for great service, but tipping is not required to ride Freebee.

To request a ride, simply download the “Ride Freebee” app. It is advised to request your ride 20 minutes in advance. The app includes a directory of local restaurants and other destinations where people can explore what options are available to them and then request a ride to the doorstep of the destination they choose!

Learn more at ridefreebee.com/download.