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Health & Beauty On The Coast

A vacation at the beach is the ultimate way to unwind—you can lounge in the sun, play games with the kids, eat amazing food and totally forget about all the worries that await you at home. But while you are letting loose, why not take the opportunity to give your body some much needed attention?

Many people throw health and fitness out the window when they go on vacation, but it is actually the perfect time to challenge and pamper your body. Use your free time to get active and jumpstart your fitness routine. Head to a local gym and sweat it out, or try some fun (and calorie-burning!) activities like surfing, biking or kayaking.

Afterward, reward yourself at Balance Therapeutic Massage on Laskin Road with a relaxing massage. They have many different types of massages available such as Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, Thai massage, sports massage, prenatal or postpartum massage, lymphatic drainage and reflexology and foot massage. Feel your cares drift away as your muscles relax into a state of bliss for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes. They also offer massage packages and couple’s massages.

Another tranquil place to visit for pure relaxation and body therapy is Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. at 67th Street. Some of their services are acupressure, various types of massage, hydrotherapies such as cedar cabinet steam/fume baths, Epsom salts baths and facials, boutique therapies including Reiki and spiritual life counseling and various spa packages to include facial and massage combinations and more. They also offer holistic clinical work as well as wellness retreats.

Whatever the treatment, your body will thank you. And you’ll be even more ready to enjoy your time in the sun.