Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge
Virginia Beach

Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge

Remember your Virginia Beach vacation with the LeStage Convertible Collection and Virginia Beach Charm. What better way to remember your amazing Virginia Beach vacation than with a piece of signature jewelry? For over a decade, Either Ore has been called the “Neighborhood Jeweler.” Whether you’re bringing in something for a repair or picking out a precious keepsake, expect the best customer service.

Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge is conveniently located in the Strawbridge Marketplace shopping center, next to Tropical Smoothie Cafe and is only a few miles from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Our locally owned and operated, small family business was established in June 1998. Since then, we have continued to grow and expand into a larger location.

Your Strawbridge Virginia Beach Jeweler

We are proud to be known as "Your Neighborhood Jeweler" for over a decade. We carry numerous exquisite lines of jewelry, to include platinum, gold and sterling silver. In addition, we stock inventory that meets everyones needs and budgets. We at Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge pride ourselves on treating each customer with high quality customer service whether they are purchasing a diamond or simply picking up a repair.

Virginia Beach Strawbridge Store Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm