Norfolk Botanical Garden

Jump into Nature at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

If you’re longing for a walk among the trees and flowers while on your Virginia Beach Vacation, come explore the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

I love Norfolk Botanical Gardens! I love Norfolk Botanical Garden!


The Norfolk Botanical Garden is like nowhere else in the Coastal Virginia region. No matter what time of year you come, there is tons to explore, tons to see and tons to experience. Because that’s what the Norfolk Botanical Garden is—it’s not just an attraction, it’s an experience. Brides flock to this venue to host their weddings because every corner holds a special magic. The garden is also the largest collector of azaleas, camellias, roses and rhododendrons on the East Coast.  

A Place of History

The Norfolk Botanical Garden is listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of its unique history. At the height of the Great Depression, 220 African-American workers were hired to begin working on the initial 30 acres by the WPA. Since then, the garden has expanded to 175 acres.  

Distinctive Features

Take boat tours down Norfolk Botanical's very own canal. Take boat tours down Norfolk Botanical’s very own canal.


You can visit the Norfolk Botanical Garden a dozen times, and still find something new to marvel at. That’s because this beautifully maintained land is designed to delight and intrigue visitors, as well as educate them through well-informed guides and educational programs. Here are some of the attractions that draw visitors every year:

  • 52 themed gardens, including a Renaissance Court, an expansive Rose Garden, a Japanese Garden and many more
  • The Botanical Garden has specific gardens that are featured during each season, so no matter what time of year you visit, you will find a place of beauty (this includes a Holly Garden in the winter or a Hummingbird garden in the summer).
  • A 2-acre Butterfly Garden with a Butterfly House where you can get up close and personal with the winged creatures. There’s also a challenging butterfly maze all ages will enjoy.
  • Worried your kids will get bored? The WOW Children’s Garden is as exciting as it is educational. Fun fountains and jet sprays to splash around in, as well as programs that teach about flora from around the world and also edible garden demonstrations.
  • Beautiful boat tours and informative tram tours that show the garden to best advantage.  


Throughout the year, there are fun and educational programs, some depending on season. Before the Winter Holidays, the garden lights up and becomes the Garden of Lights. There are also other exciting events throughout the year!

Rose Garden at NBG

6700 Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk • 757-441-5830 • Website • April–Oct. 15: 9 a.m.–7 p.m., Following Oct.16: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.