A Toy Story

Toddlers, Teens and Lifelong Collectors Flock to the Virginia Beach Antique Mall to Shop the Largest Toy Store in the Commonwealth

The Virginia Beach Antique Mall has a secret, and a big one at that. One flight above the mall’s main 32,000-square-foot showroom stands hundreds upon hundreds of shelves, bins and glass display cases brimming with a unique collection of antiques – toys. The mall’s compilation involves much more than limited-edition Monopoly boards and never-before-opened Holiday Barbie, however. The second-story toy shop is chock-full of mint-condition comic books, Playmobil sets, massive LEGO structures, Star Wars collectibles, Disney memorabilia and more.

While wandering through the aisles and hidden rooms of Toymeister Toys, visitors are hit with a wave of nostalgia and excitement. Adults stroll down memory lane as their children admire decades-old box cars, cartoon action figures, Little Golden Books, or snag a VHS from the shop’s myriad of video options.

The Virginia Beach Antique Mall is not only a destination for shoppers and collectors, but for those ready to part with their childhood toys. Donating or selling retired stuffed animals, board games and the like are great ways to help Toymeister Toys expand its collection of unique and rare finds.

In addition to the mall’s top-dollar items, visitors can shop a vast selection of individually bagged One Dollar Toymeister Toys and the five-for-$5 comic book deals.
Toymeister Toys is the ultimate destination for toy lovers of every budget.

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