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Droofin Delivers Local Beer Straight to You
By Arielle Patterson

Thirsty? While in Virginia Beach, sip your way through the region’s local breweries. From Williamsburg to right here at the Oceanfront, get the brews brought straight to you with Droofin.

The Norfolk-based startup’s name comes from the Scottish slang for “I need a beer.” Droofin originally began as an online beer and wine platform that delivered chilled, ready-to-drink products right to doorsteps. Earlier this year, the company pivoted to focusing on local and regional craft beers, supporting the industry and providing customers with a better product.

“We’ve found our niche within the craft beer community. We’re working as a partner to the local breweries so that they can get their beer out to more people,” explains Grace Mallamo, director of craft at Droofin. “We are a retailer with unlimited space for local breweries, focusing on 757, and providing a place for them to sell all of their beer.”

Browse Droofin’s online bottle shop for Virginia craft beer, along with wines, hard seltzer and ciders. Mallamo says that Droofin’s catalogue of craft beer and other alcoholic beverages is more than consumers can find at most grocery stores or bottle shops in the area. “We’re stocking everything all the time,” she continues. Everything purchased from Droofin is delivered right to the customer’s home, or home away from home if you’re staying in a beach rental, condo or hotel.

Get a taste of the taps from local breweries at your convenience with a Brew Box. Perfect for craft beer enthusiasts, Droofin’s Brew Box is a carefully selected variety of new releases from a different Coastal Virginia brewery each month. Order a one-time Brew Box or have it delivered every month on a delivery date that you set.

When featured in Droofin’s Brew Box, the brewery of the month highlights their newly released beers and hosts an accompanying event to benefit a charity aligned with their mission. In June, Young Veterans Brewing Co. will have a rainbow party with drag trivia, movie night and Roy G. Biv citrus lager—a brand new brew from YVBC.

In addition to all of their offerings as a craft beer provider, Droofin strives to be a local brew guru, providing interested imbibers information about area breweries and new releases, as well as recommendations based on style, product requests and more, through email, social media messaging and other platforms.

“Think of us as your friends in the beer industry,” Mallamo expresses.

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