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Prime IV, an upscale IV Therapy and Cryotherapy Medical Spa, is the place to be for your hydration and nutritional needs. We take great care in being safe with our customers and providing top-class care in a relaxing, spa-like environment. Meet your wellness goals with their specialized drips for anti-aging, sports recovery and weight-loss in our peaceful spa room with zero-gravity massage chairs.

IV therapy is the way to quickly administer fluid and micronutrients straight to your bloodstream to provide 100% absorption of fluids and micronutrients. Whereas when taken orally, vitamins experience only about 10% – 20% efficacy due to the digestive tract. A vast majority of the patients feel the positive effects right away. Hydration wise 1 liter of IV fluid equals about 2.5 gallons of drinking water. By hydrating from inside out, it provides benefits such as anti-aging or premature aging, athletic boost and recovery, immune system boost, general or chronic fatigue, weight loss, regulate sleep, mood, anxiety, detoxify, depression, migraine, and of course hangover recovery.

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Prime IV, opened last March, is locally owned and operated by Meenakshi Nain and her husband, who have lived in this area for more than two decades. She works in the healthcare industry for several years now and has decided to try her hand at business. She is passionate about helping the community reach their health and fitness goals.

Book now to try any of their popular drips, The Immunity Armor, The Glow for a youthful skin inside out, The Champion for athletic boost, The Skinny Drip to jet propel your weightloss, The After Burn for healing and replenishing your skin from too much sun exposure, The Myer’s Cocktail for chronic fatigue migraines, fibromyalgia, improve GI disorder and my more for overall health and wellness, and more.

Prime IV was Coastal Virginia Magazine’s “Best Of” readers’ choice 2022 gold winner in best spa, best medical spa and best alternative health center in its first year!

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