Pirate Re-enactors at the Virginia Beach Pirate Party

All About the Pirate Re-enactors Coming to the Pirate Party on the Beach

Is Virginia Beach being invaded by Pirates? Well, not exactly. The Pirate Party on the Beach brings the services of 3 pirate re-enactor groups. The groups bring a historical flair and energy to the festival and are sure to make your experience memorable.

pirate reenactors pirate party on the beach

The Moody Crewe

You can’t have a Pirate Party on the boardwalk without pirates, of course! Look out for the Moody Crewe, a group of seasoned re-enactors who never fail to educate and entertain. The Moody Crewe is modeled after pirates of the 18th Century and promises to bring fun to this exciting Virginia Beach Oceanfront event.

Did You Know?

The Moody Crewe is involved in this event and 9 other pirate related festivals between spring and summer of 2015.

The Loose Cannon Company Pirate Re-enactors

The Loose Cannon Company group brings authenticity to the Pirate Party with the Moody Crewe. They are also from Hampton Roads and specialize in all sorts of events and, like the Moody Crewe, bring fun and intriguing educational opportunities to the festival.

Overland Crew: Pre-emptive Salvage Experts

The Overland Crew, also known as Overland Pre-emptive Salvage Company, is the final band of pirates to join us in Virginia Beach for this Pirate Party blowout. They add a different spin to the pirate re-enactor game as they are pirates working for British Crown.