Restaurants in Virginia Beach

From family friendly and casual to fine dining and romantic—you can find a local Virginia Beach restaurant for every occasion. 

A Diversity of Flavors and Dining Experiences in Virginia Beach

Local Virginia Beach-ers are an eclectic crew. This area seems to draw people from all over the world, and that diversity is reflected in our cuisine. Being a beach community, we’re well known for our seafood which appears on many local tables straight from the fishermen’s boats. We also have local farms producing fresh greens, vibrant veggies and sumptuous berries—we even have a festival that celebrates our famed strawberries. These fresh ingredients appear in many area restaurants, especially since the farm-to-table movement is thriving here.

About Virginia Beach’s Local Restaurants

From family friendly and casual to fine dining and romantic—you can find an restaurant for every occasion. Many of these locations are found right at the Oceanfront or further north along Shore Drive (also known locally as “Restaurant Row”). But if you’re willing to stray further inland, you won’t be sorry. From Virginia Beach’s Town Center to Pungo, the ViBe District and other smaller neighborhoods, area eateries are worth the short drive to get there. So be sure to explore the cuisine scene while visiting Virginia Beach. With so many options, you may be at a loss where to begin. Don’t fret! Here are some types of establishments you’ll find in our neck of the coast.

Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Virginia Beach

Speaking of farm-to-table—Virginia Beach is making huge strides in this movement, and it is thriving here. Local fare is the main attraction at these locations. Chefs work with area farms incorporating an assortment of local greens in tossed salads or using juicy berries in decadent desserts. You can even find homemade bread from neighboring bakeries being served in restaurants.

Even the meats are starting to be locally sourced from other, nearby Virginia communities. Partake in juicy pork or sumptuous chicken with the happy knowledge that you are supporting smaller producers.

Some of Virginia Beach’s most popular farm-to-table restaurants can be find in the ViBe District. Both Commune and Esoteric serve locally-sourced modern American cuisine. Their dishes are organic and seasonal with some ingredients coming straight from their backyard garden.

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Virginia Beach Seafood Restaurants

We now move from farm-to-table to tide-to-table. With the Atlantic Ocean on our doorstep, as well as the Chesapeake Bay and a number of other waterways in our region, the supply of seafood we produce locally is bountiful. Our seafood restaurants draw visitors from all over and many menu items are caught that morning, prepared by restaurants that day and served on your plate that night.


Area businesses are taking huge strides in encouraging sustainable seafood choices. Our local Sensible Seafood program promotes a healthy marine environment and strives to protect local marine life as well as our bays and shoreline.

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Area restaurants serve favorites like tuna, tautog and rockfish, prepared in a variety of creative ways—pan-seared, steamed, blackened and more. Oysters are always a fan favorite, whether served raw or prepared in a delicious dish.

Enjoy fresh seafood from restaurants all across Virginia Beach, especially at the Oceanfront. Or, head west to Shore Drive and dine right on the water at Lynnhaven Fish House, Chick’s Oyster Bar, The Back Deck or Bubba’s Seafood Restaurant. In secluded Sandbridge, Blue Pete’s Restaurant sits overlooking the Tabernacle Creek. 

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Virginia Beach

After a day at the beach, the kids may be a little tired and cranky. You never have to be embarrassed about bringing your rambunctious crew to our area’s family-friendly restaurants—they cater to all ages! Oceanfront pizza shops feature fun themes and delicious pies. Some even have arcades or kid-friendly attractions right in house. Even our famed seafood restaurants often have kid-friendly items on the menu. Many locations even offer kids menus, with child-friendly portions and wallet-friendly prices.

Romantic Restaurants in Virginia Beach

A romantic getaway to Virginia Beach has so much to offer. The expansive ocean is the perfect backdrop for a perfect night out with the one you love. Musicians line the boardwalk every evening, all summer long. Sip cocktails as the stars come out above the shore. Or you can enjoy some fine dining as you watch the sun set quietly over the Chesapeake Bay.

While indoor seating is always an option, many restaurants offer outdoor seating on beautiful decks or patios. If there’s a chill in the air, some restaurants feature fire pits so you can snuggle close to the one you love as you watch the embers glow. Many locations are open late, so don’t let your romantic evening out end early.

Virginia Beach’s Upscale Restaurants

From the finest seafood around to epicurean adventures, Virginia Beach’s upscale dining scene is exploding with creativity and delectable delights. Although you may not be able to eat at these locations every day, it’s worth saving up to experience one of these incredible eateries.

These restaurants range in style from seafood to Asian to American fusion and beyond. A number of locations are found right at the oceanfront and even offer live music on select evenings. Fine dining is scattered throughout the city, but the cosmopolitan Hilltop area or our lively Town Center also possess some not-to-be-missed locations.

Send your taste buds to Paris while enjoying authentic French cuisine at Le Yaca in Hilltop. Or, dine on upscale seafood and American eats at The Cavalier Hotel’s Becca, Terrapin at the Oceanfront, and Ruth’s Christ Steak House in Town Center.

Restaurants on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk


Don’t want to stray far from the boards? No problem! Eating off the boardwalk is an experience you won’t want to miss. These restaurants and cafes not only offer delicious foods but incredible views. A sense of peace will wash over you as the waves roll in or watch your fellow visitors enjoying their time at the beach—surfing, biking or strolling down the boardwalk. Although a number of these locations feature seafood as the main attraction, there are also a variety of other dishes to enjoy—from pasta, to Mexican, to steak dinners.

No matter where you eat, rest assured, in Virginia Beach you’ll always get a side of good old-fashioned coastal charm served with every meal.