Top 5 February Events in Virginia Beach

Sensible Seafood

Promoting seafood choices that make sense for a healthy marine environment

Although Virginia Beach is known for its tremendous selection of seafood, there are some oceanic species that are underpopulated and therefore shouldn’t be fished year-round to protect the ocean’s natural ecosystem. To make locals and visitors more aware of this, the Virginia Aquarium created the Sensible Seafood Program.

The program educates people about the different seafood available in our area and which ones are the best to choose to help sustain the environment. Sensible Seafood has published a color-coded pocket guide, which lets the general public know which seafood is the best buy compared to others.

By creating awareness among consumers, the program will help the mid-Atlantic region purchase seafood that is harvested from the area without disrupting the habitat. Sensible Seafood also supports the local fishers, shrimpers and crabbers who make their living

The Sensible Seafood board meets annually to discuss the most current statistics to keep the program up-to-date with the most accurate measurements. The pocket guide is a great companion to a shopping list and is a good helper for deciding a dish when dining out. Many restaurants in Virginia Beach even contribute to the program, offering to only serve seafood that is approved by the pocket guide.

In conjunction to local restaurants, the Virginia Aquarium also pledged to the environmentally friendly program by following the Sensible Seafood guidelines. Considering Virginia is the third largest producer of seafood in the country, it’s a sensible program that aims to keep locals in the loop about the area’s habitat and safety.

Download the Sensable Seafood Pocket Guide here.