Smartmouth Brewing Co. in Norfolk, VA


Come see yourself why everyone loves Smartmouth Brewing Co. in Norfolk, VA!


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The now owner of Smartmouth Brewing Company had the dream of starting up a brewery for many years before it actually happened. He couldn’t wait much longer, so eventually traded his briefcase and office life for craft beer and now runs Smartmouth Brewing Co. with several of his close friends. Today, you will find Smartmouth beers all throughout the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area.



  • Sommer Fling German Hefeweizen— 5.0%
  • Safety Dance Pilsner— 4.5%
  • Murphey’s Law American Amber— 5.8%
  • Get Off Maibock— 6.3%
  • Gandy Dancer Irish Stout— 3.8%
  • Alter Ego Saison— 6.2%
  • Hive Mind Barrel-Aged Honey Saison— 7.0%
  • Indecision Pale Ale— 5.1%
  • Rule G India Pale Ale— 7.0%
  • Notch 9 Double IPA— 9.1%


*P.S.: 20 more beers not listed…

*Note: Alter Ego Saison, Murphy’s Law American Amber and Rule G India Pale Ale are in cans!



  • Located on the banks of the Elizabeth River
  • Home to a 20-barrel brewhouse
  • Churns out 250 barrels a month
  • New beers every season
  • Weekly Food Trucks
  • Special events year-round
  • Dog-friendly deck and driveway
  • Private parties and dinner space available



Wednesday–Friday: 4:30–8 p.m.

Saturday: 12–7 p.m.


1309 Raleigh Avenue, Suite 300

Norfolk, VA