SNAPSHOT: Seaside Flags and Gifts




When you buy a memento to remember your beach vacation, it’s not just another thing that lays around your house. It’s a memory that goes home with you. What could be more perfect than buying a beach themed item that give you joy every time you look at it. The joy stems from remembering your amazing Virginia Beach vacation.

Seaside Flags and Gifts doesn’t just sell décor and gifts, they sell memories. Their products are unique items you won’t be able to find everywhere. When customers walk into the store, they automatically feel a sense of relaxation. The smiling staff, relaxing atmosphere and even the music they play make visitors and locals want to come back again and again.


Shop Local!

The owners of Seaside Flags & Gifts love the beach. Growing up by the beach, living by the beach and now working their every day. They say that the sight of the water gives a sense of calm. The wonderful community in Virginia Beach makes the perfect location for this shop. The locals are friendly, and how could you not be happy at the beach!

The store was established in 2008 and named after a local amusement park that used to be in front of the store. Since that time, Seaside seeks to be a representation of the seaside community in Virginia Beach. A great way they do this is by carrying works from local artists. Most of their art has a short bio of the artist so customers can learn about them.  


Specialty Items

Whether you’re on vacation with your family, a traveling businessman, here for a convention or a kid looking for a gift for mom, Seaside has something you will love! Flags are the name of the store and flags are one of their top sellers.

The idea to sell flags came while traveling to the Outer Banks. Seeing the beautiful flags flying from people’s homes and businesses there inspired the owners. It’s the perfect greeting! When the owners returned home, they looked everywhere, from 1st to 40th street, for a store that sold flags, but couldn’t find one. Seaside Flags & Gifts came from a desire to provide these perfect greetings to guests and visitors. They have over 1,000 flags—monogram, seasonal, graduation, holiday and more!



They have also incorporated nautical gifts into their merchandise. They choose products that will bring you memories of your wonderful Virginia Beach vacation. It could be the frame you choose from their store to place a picture of your family at the shore. Or a sand dollar necklace that reminds you of the beach every time you wear it.

Other items include:

•Hand blown glass
•Coastal décor
•Hand painted wine glasses
•Art & photography
•Beautiful jewelry
•And more!


Every time you look at something you bought from Seaside Flags & Gifts, you should think, “I was there sitting on that beach. Amazing!”


Contact Information:

Seaside Flags and Gifts

3036 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA

(757) 422-1072




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