Strawberry Picking in Virginia Beach

There’s nothing quite like strawberry picking. The warm sun shines on the fields. Reds and greens fill your sight. You find the biggest, juiciest strawberries you’ve ever seen and fill a bucket or basket. Juice gets all over your hands, but you don’t care. Anticipation for eating the delicious fruit is almost unbearable. Anticipation for strawberry pies, jams and shortcake.

Strawberry picking in summer is a favorite pastime in Virginia Beach’s Pungo area. This rural community loves their strawberries so much that every year they celebrate with the Pungo Strawberry Festival. Your family will love picking their very own strawberries. There are many farms in Pungo that allow people to pick strawberries and purchase them by the pound. Where can you go to get these delectable eats? Here is a list of Virginia Beach area farms that offer strawberry picking.

Brookdale Farms: 2060 Vaughan Road, Virginia Beach • 757-721-0558 • Website

Cromwell’s Produce: 3116 New Bridge Road, Virginia Beach • 757-721-6226 •​ Website

Cullipher Farm Market: 1444 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach • 757-721-7456 • Website

Flanagan Farms: 1707 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach • 757-426-5585 • Website

Flip Flop Farmer: 3244 New Bridge Road, Virginia Beach • 757-355-0422 • Website

Henley Farm: 3513 Charity Neck Road, Virginia Beach • 757-426-7501 • Website

Vaughan Farm’s Produce: 1258 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach • 757-615-4888 • Website