3 Steps When Buying Local Seafood in Virginia Beach


Anyone Can Make a Difference in Virginia Beach

Next time you are out to eat in Virginia Beach, or picking up dinner at a local market, keep these 4 steps in mind so that you know you’re eating fresh, environmentally-friendly seafood.

Whether you are a Virginia Beach tourist or a seasoned local, these simple 3 steps can very much help preserve our oceans as a source of food. Although these steps do not require much effort, they can, however, make a huge difference in our environment for generations to come.

Virginia Beach Rudee's seafood Rudee’s Fish Platter

1. Buy Fresh, Buy Local

Buy Fresh, Buy Local is a Virgina Beach and Hampton Roads organization that connects consumers to the area’s freshest locally grown and produced food. The organization makes it easier for both locals and tourists to buy fresh, local food while either dining out or cooking at home. They use outreach materials, advertisements and host annual farm-to-fork food events to promote their mission.

Check out their website for a list of markets and restaurants in the area that serve local food every day of the year.

2. Support the Sensible Seafood Program Partners

Promoting ocean-friendly seafood, the Virginia Aquarium’s Sensible Seafood Program partners with local restaurants that serve seafood that comes from both local and sustainable sources and is not over-fished, harvested and does not harm the environment in any way.

See here for a list of restaurants in the Virginia Beach area that provide sensible seafood options and help support the Virginia Aquarium’s program.

3. Carry a Sensible Seafood Guide

Print this Sensible Seafood Pocket Guide for quick seafood references on your best choices, good alternatives and what to avoid.