Swimwear Trends

Summer 2014 is finally here!  Are you ready to dive into summer activities and make it the best summer ever?  Warm weather and great beaches are waiting and all you need to do is create your new beach ensemble. And don’t say you dread shopping for a swimsuit. With all the possibilities of style, color, and size this year, swimsuit shopping should be as simple as a walk on the beach.

Swimwear for 2014 is better and prettier than ever. There are endless options for all ages and figure types—even yours!  If you haven’t shopped for a suit in a while, you will be pleasantly surprised by the array of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns available. Truly there is a suit for everyone.

Now, let’s talk swimsuit shopping. Most importantly, choose a shop that has a large selection of styles and sizes. It increases your odds of finding just the right swimsuit. There are so many options now in choosing your suit. Styles range from two-pieces, tankinis and one-pieces with hundreds of variations on each type. Size ranges have never been more accommodating—there is a size and style for everyone. Most two-piece suits are sold as separates, so it is possible to buy different size top and bottom according to your needs. Tops even come cup-sized if that’s what you need. While browsing all these options, make sure you ask for assistance. There’s a lot to see and a good salesperson will be able to narrow your choices and make helpful suggestions. Even if you think there is no hope of finding a suit for your specific needs, you will be pleasantly surprised by the options that can fulfill your needs.

Some of the biggest trends:
• AMAZING COLORS: Pink is the top color choice with variations of coral, salmon, watermelon and magenta. If you’re into green, choose from pistachio, seafoam, grass or lime. The blue color story is rich with shades of indigo, royal, aqua and deep turquoise.
• NAUTICAL INFLUENCE: You’ll see lots of navy and white stripes in suits this year. This lends a very crisp, clean look to make you absolutely ship-shape.
• THE PIN-UP LOOK: Think ‘40s glamour girl with a constructed bandeau top and high-waisted bottom. It’s not a look for everyone, but it’s a fun one to try.
• RASHGUARDS: The newest addition to your swimsuit wardrobe, a rashguard is part swimsuit, part cover-up. It’s really just a T-shirt made of swimsuit fabric that protects more of your skin from the sun.
• BOARDSHORTS: Like rashguards, board shorts can be a swimsuit/cover-up. They are typically made of nylon and can be worn for swimming as well as sunning. The most important thing to remember when checking out the trends for 2014 is that the most important trend is the one that looks the best on you. When you shop for your suit, ask for help and suggestions. Be prepared to try on a number of suits so you can get a better idea of your most flattering style. With all this variety, we see a great summer wardrobe in your future.

-By Meg of Meg’s Swimwear