Virginia Beach Seafood Guide


The Insider’s Guide on Fresh Seafood in Virginia Beach

Forget everything you know about beach resort towns. Virginia Beach is  huge town with lots of restaurants, especially of the seafood variety, to try out. The Oceanfront is fantastic place to test with your taste buds, but there are also other places throughout Virginia Beach that you might want to put on your list. If you’re looking for fresh seafood, Virginia Beach is probably the best place to be. Being located next to a bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the restaurants and local markets provide an abundance of fresh shrimp, crabs, fish, oysters, clams and other seafood delight. You will Run out of time on the Virginia Beach oceanfront before you run out of places that serve fresh seafood.

seafood platter Rudee’s Seafood Platter in Virginia Beach


Here is a directory of seafood specialties that you will find both on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and greater Virginia Beach: