The Ultimate 2021 Virginia Beach Fall Beer Trail

By Kelsey Thomas

Feature Image by Wasserhund Brewing Company

Virginia Beach’s 13 Breweries

With 13 breweries native to the city, Virginia Beach has become one of the best destinations to sip your way through the seasons. The popularity of local drinking has grown over the years and the regional breweries have a hunch for releasing timely new brews that are current with the time of year. This fall, you can expect flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon and apple in your seasonal beverages. We’ve put together a Virginia Beach fall beer trail so that you can experience the elite beer scene associated with this lovely city this autumn.

New Realm Brewing

New Realm is wildly well-known for their local craft beers. Their American IPA, Hoptropolis, is a year-round favorite that balances hoppy and citrus flavors. They also have popular fall features that include The Bavarian Prince Oktoberfest Beer and the Pilotlight Coffee Porter.

Back Bay Brewing Co.

Located at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Back Bay Brewing Co. is considered one of the most popular breweries in the area. This fall, they will be bringing a back a fan favorite – Witch of Pungo, which is a pumpkin ale that perfectly combines honey malt and caramel wheat. They will also be releasing a top-secret pumpkin-themed brew.

man in front of bar at Back Bay
Image by Back Bay Brewing Co.

 Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co.

A sister brewery of the original Back Bay Brewing Co., Farmhouse features a huge variety in beverages with constant-changing taps. The atmosphere is relaxing and the lawn of the farmhouse is full of picnic tables, glider tables and games that the whole family can enjoy.

Smartmouth Brewing Pilot House

Smartmouth Pilot House, also located at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, features a variety of signature beers, ranging from sours and ales to pilsners and imperials. Their version of Oktoberfest beer, The Princess is a Märzen that unifies caramel toffee sweetness with warm toasty maltiness.

Reaver Beach Brewing Co.

Reaver Beach is a popular go-to spot for Virginia Beach locals. Their House Lager is definitely a fan favorite and they even brew a non-alcoholic nitro cold brew, along with a variety of IPAs.

Wasserhund Brewing Company

With unique drinks like hard kombucha, seltzer and of course, beer, Wasserhund provides a drink for any type of person in your posse. Some of their popular fall brews include the Haywire Husky Coffee Lager and Oktoberfest Beer.

cover of oktoberfest beer at wasserhund brewing
Image by Wasserhund Brewing Company

Young Veterans Brewing Company

Veteran owned and operated, this patriotic brewery claims to only use “the highest quality barley, hops, yeast and water” when brewing their beer. Their brightly colored can designs and unique flavors leave a wide selection of brews to choose from.

Vibrant Shore Brewing Company

Are there people in your crew who are looking for a sober adventure? Then, this is the place for you. Located in the Virginia Beach ViBe District, Vibrant Shore‘s options range from non-alcoholic drinks, like kombucha, nitro cold brew and root beer, to a wide array of beers, including milk stouts, IPAs and lagers.

Pleasure House Brewing

With their famous motto, “liquid that speaks to the people,” Pleasure House Brewing is known for their award-winning brews. They provide many different types of brews, including porters, ales, sours and even seltzers.

Commonwealth Brewing Co.

With 200+ beverages brewed, Commonwealth is notorious for being the place to go when you want to try something new. Every season they release flavors, old and new. Some of their past fall brews include Clockwork, an imperial stout, Pumpkin Juice, a pumpkin cream ale, and Oktoberfest, a lager.

Clockwork Beer by Commonwealth
Image by Commonwealth Brewing Co.

Deadline Brewing Project

Ranging from wheats, IPAs, ales or ambers, Deadline is always brewing up something new. They also feature different food trucks to bring you some local bites to pair with your favorite beer.

Thin Line Brewing Company

Founded by former police officers and family members, Thin Line “brews with honor,” creating a selection that is dedicated to saluting our first responders and frontline workers. Not only are their beers delicious, but with specific purchases, they donate a portion of the proceeds to benefit local first responder groups.

Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery (coming soon)

Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen and Brewery, base in Charlottesville, is expanding to Virginia Beach’s Town Center. Set to open in September 2021, they plan to feature 16 beers on tap and produce a new Virginia Beach beer each week.

Here are some other fall activities to enjoy in between brews.

VA Beach Beer Trail

Explore Virginia Beach’s Beer Trail

Virginia’s craft beer scene has been exploding over the last few years. Virginia Beach alone has seen a rise in new breweries bringing their microbeers to thirsty imbibers. Whether you consider yourself a beer aficionado or a more causal drinker, you’re sure to enjoy the local breweries along the VA Beach Beer Trail.

About the VA Beach Beer Trail

The VA Beach Beer Trail is a collective of unique local breweries. These breweries serve up small batches of IPAs, stouts, lagers and more. You can find these breweries throughout Virginia Beach, from the Oceanfront and Chic’s Beach to the inland neighborhoods as well. Exploring along the VA Beach Beer Trail is a great way to get a sip of the local flavor and have a different experience in Virginia Beach.

Breweries on the VA Beach Beer Trail

Here are the breweries you’ll find on the VA Beach Beer Trail. In additional to serving cold beer, many of these breweries also have food trucks on site or their own food menu. Many of these are also family and pet friendly.

Virginia Beach breweries

Back Bay Brewing Co.

Located near the ViBe Creative District, Back Bay Brewing Co. is a laid-back brewery and a local favorite. The family-friendly, rustic tasting room was created by neighboring business, Benevolent Design Co. Back Bay offers a number of signature and seasonal beers on tap.

Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co.

An offshoot of Back Bay Brewing Co., Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co. is located more inland, but offers the same great beers in a unique setting. Have a glass of beer, cider or wine within the restored 1912 farmhouse. This family-friendly and pet-friendly brewery has plenty of outdoor games to enjoy, as well as food trucks on site.

Commonwealth Brewing Company

Commonwealth Brewing Company is a favorite among locals in the Chic’s Beach area. Perfect for families and pet owners, enjoy a beer on the outdoor patio, along with a bite to eat from one of the local food trucks on site. Commonwealth Brewing transformed a former firehouse into their casual brewery.

Deadline Brewing Project

Deadline Brewing Project, also located in the Chic’s Beach area, has a regular selection of beers, as well as new brews in the works. This family-friendly brewery is considered a “nanobrewery,” which is an even smaller brewery.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

At Virginia Beach’s Town Center, Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant is serving up delicious food from their kitchen and German-style draughts from the taps. While the restaurant has many locations, all beers are brewed in-house, creating signature sips for Virginia Beach.

Home Republic Brewpub

Within Virginia Beach’s Artery District, near the Oceanfront, Home Republic Brewpub offers a laid-back atmosphere for locals and visitors alike to sip. Pair your beer with a dish from the restaurant menu.

New Realm Brewing Company

Atlanta-based New Realm Brewing Company has made its mark in inland Virginia Beach. The large taproom is complemented by a spacious outdoor seating area, lawn games, firepits and live music. Bring your pets and your whole family to this brewery where food trucks are on-site often.

Pleasure House Brewing Company

Pleasure House Brewing Company is a charming brewery near the Chic’s Beach area. The beer offerings at Pleasure House are constantly changing, so you can sip something new every time you visit. Play a boardgame with the kids to create an experience for the whole family.

Reaver Beach Brewing Company

Reaver Beach Brewing Company is best known for its selection of sour beers. Located inland, Reaver Beach specializes in hop-forward ales and wild fermentation in oak. Stop by this neighborhood brewery for beer and food trucks.

Smartmouth Brewing Pilot House

From nearby Norfolk, Smartmouth Brewing also has a Pilot House brewery at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. An old post office was converted into the family-friendly small-batch brewery. Grab a brew after lounging on the beach, or any time of year. Smartmouth has special releases that have received national attention.

Wasserhund Brewing Company

Wasserhund Brewing Company is Virginia Beach’s German-inspired brew pub, located in the Hilltop area. Wasserhund proves that pizza and beer pair well together. The brewery also has other food offerings from their restaurant menu.

Young Veterans Brewing Company

The aptly named Young Veterans Brewing Company is owned by veterans. The military-themed brewery is great for veterans and non-veterans, as well as their families. Each beer includes WWII-themed artwork and a military-theme name. While you’re there, try the Pineapple Grenade Hefeweizen.

More Information about the VA Beach Beer Trail

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