Dining in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Cuisine Scene

Local chefs are incorporating many aspects of Virginia Beach’s coastal culture into their cuisine to create a memorable dining experience.

Coastal Cuisine

Virginia Beach Restaurants Dish Out Local Flavor

A thriving culinary scene flourishes throughout Virginia Beach. Local chefs are incorporating many aspects of Virginia Beach’s coastal culture into their cuisine to create a memorable dining experience.

Fresh Seafood in Virginia Beach

Situated on the coastline, Virginia Beach chefs are no strangers to serving the finest seafood. From oysters on the half shell and creamy She Crab soup to more innovative dishes, there are so many ways to indulge in fresh offerings straight from the sea. Virginia Beach waterways are full of fish and shellfish that make for a delicious meal. Try our famous Lynnhaven oysters, plucked straight from the water around you.

Virginia Beach Farm-to-Table Dining

Much like our seafood, Virginia Beach has proudly embraced the farm-to-table movement. Farm-to-table restaurants utilize the freshest, seasonal ingredients in their dishes. The only thing better than indulging in a delicious meal is knowing that you’re supporting local farmers, growers and watermen. Pungo, Virginia Beach’s farming community, is the source of much of the produce that local restaurants use.

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Cocktails and Craft Beer in Virginia Beach

Whether you are looking for an adult beverage to pair with your meal or you’re searching for the perfect beach sip, Virginia Beach has a number of refreshing cocktails to enjoy. Savor a frozen cocktail or a famous Orange Crush at a bar near the boardwalk. Combining fresh-squeezed orange juice, triple sec and Sprite, the Orange Crush is a staple to any summer in Virginia Beach.

orange crush Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach’s craft beer and spirit scene has been growing over few years. With over 10 breweries, two distilleries and several wine bars, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get a taste of our coastal libations. Try a fruit-forward IPA on the shaded patio of a brewery or a fruity vodka in a handcrafted cocktail.

Where to Eat in Virginia Beach

Enhance your dining experience when you enjoy a meal by the water. Virginia Beach boasts 29 miles of scenic waterways, from the ocean to the inland bays. These waterfront restaurants range in style and budget, from laid-back beach bars and casual family-friendly restaurants to upscale restaurants perfect for a romantic night out.

Come straight from the beach to one of the bars, grills or restaurants near the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Chic’s Beach and Rudee Inlet. Discover some of the local’s favorite more secluded waterfront restaurants as well. These restaurants are tucked away overlooking the bays and rivers. Wherever you choose to eat, the scenic, shimmering water vista will complement your Virginia Beach meal.

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