Virginia Beach sights

Virginia Beach Photo-Worthy Sights

Break out your camera or cell phone and get ready to explore Virginia Beach’s picture-perfect sights and landmarks.

12 of the Most Instagram-Worthy Sights and Landmarks

During all of your summer fun, chances are you’ll be taking tons of pictures. These photos will give your family and friends a mere glimpse at your Virginia Beach vacation. With so many buzzing attractions and activities, you’ll want to find the best scenic backdrop for your selfie or group shot. So, break out your camera or cell phone and get ready to explore Virginia Beach’s picture-perfect sights and landmarks.

Neptune Statue

The Neptune Statue is one of Virginia Beach’s most iconic monuments. A bronze King Neptune welcomes all to the beautiful oceanfront. Hit the boardwalk and take a photo up close with the towering statue. Or, pose at Neptune’s Park to get all 26 feet of the “Lord of the Sea.”

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

Stroll through the sand and snap some shots under a local pier. The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier at the Oceanfront is the perfect places to capture the waves crashing. Or, head to the top of the pier and get a picture of the sun setting into the Atlantic.

Naval Aviation Monument Park

View the history of the aircrafts, ships and people who dedicated their lives to the defense of our nation. Nine bronze statues tell the story of the Naval Aviation history through three historic times.

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Naval Aviation Monument Virginia Beach

LOVEworks Art

Virginia has over 130 “LOVE” artworks across the state, including three in Virginia Beach. Pose next to the colorful LOVE sign on the corner of 18th Street and Cypress Avenue. Or, check out the massive aquatic-themed LOVE mural on 7th Street and Atlantic Avenue.

ViBe District

Vibrant and artistic, you won’t want to miss a photo op in Virginia Beach’s arts and culture district. Just a few blocks from the boardwalk, multicolored murals encompass the ViBe Creative District neighborhood. Find something unique and stunning, created by a local artist, on almost every building, crosswalk and wall.

Rudee Connector Walk

As you stroll to Rudee Inlet, take some time to pose next to the concrete columns under the Rudee Inlet Bridge. These columns adorn a mural, designed by an Italian painter, to look like stained glass. As you walk, be sure to take some pictures of the shimmering inlet as well.

Cape Henry Lighthouses

The Cape Henry Lighthouse was the first lighthouse in the country built with federal funds. Take your picture at the base of the two lighthouses, or snap 360-degree views from the lantern room in the original 1792 lighthouse.

First Landing State Park

While most photos of Virginia Beach are captured on the boardwalk, you won’t want to miss a chance to take some photos of the area’s most tranquil environments. First Landing State Park offers idyllic opportunities for sunrise and sunset snapshots. You may even catch some of the native wildlife.

1st Street Jetty

One of Virginia Beach’s best surfing locales is near the 1st Street jetty. The jetty provides great swells for surfers to ride, and an opportunity for action photographers to capture some thrilling shots. The boardwalk along the jetty is also a great spot to snap some oceanfront photos of yourself.

1st Street jetty Virginia Beach

Lesner Bridge Sculpture

Take a drive over the recently renovated Lesner Bridge and you’ll notice an eye-catching sculpture. This public art installation features 10 metal canoes in a star pattern. Get an up-close look at The Canoes and take some pictures when you park nearby and walk over the bridge.

NAS Oceana Viewing Spot

When you visit Virginia Beach, you’re sure to hear the fighter jets soaring overhead. Watch them in action by visiting the NAS Oceana viewing spot on Oceana Boulevard. This is a safe spot to take some photos of the jets as they fly above you.

Town Center Fountain

Take a break from the beach and spend the day shopping and dining at Town Center of Virginia Beach. Town Center’s upscale vibe is complemented by the decorative fountain at its center. Make a pit stop at Fountain Plaza for your photo of, or next to, the gorgeous fountain cascading shimmering water.