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Virginia Beach Rental Properties

Renting a vacation property in Virginia Beach is the only way to truly enjoy the comforts of home while on vacation.

Everything You Need to Know about Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

Imagine spending your Virginia Beach vacation right on the water. Grill from your deck then enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach. There are a number of fantastic hotels, motels and resorts in Virginia Beach, but renting a vacation property is the only way to truly enjoy the comforts of home while on vacation.

There are hundreds of vacation rental properties in Virginia Beach to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a romantic cottage-style home or something big enough for family and friends, there are plenty of options. From Chicks Beach to the Oceanfront and to Sandbridge, here’s everything you need to know about renting a vacation property in Virginia Beach.

Types of Vacation Rental Properties in Virginia Beach

Whether you decide to stay near in a beach-front property or just a few blocks away, there are several types of vacation rentals to choose from when you visit Virginia Beach.

Houses and Cottages

Rental houses and cottages are mainly found near the water in Virginia Beach. Beach houses and cottages can be on the waterfront, by the bay or walking distance from the beach. These range in size from a one-bedroom bungalow to a multilevel house that can sleep over 20 people.

Condos and Duplexes

Condos and duplexes are often smaller than many of the houses available for rent in Virginia Beach. However, these properties often come with additional amenities such as access to pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, playgrounds and more.

Virginia Beach Vacation Rental Locations


A popular getaway for locals and visitors in the know, Sandbridge offers the most rental properties available in Virginia Beach. Sandbridge is the quintessential coastal community, with rolling dunes and a pristine, uncrowded beach. This family-friendly beach is perfect locale for large groups looking to spend some quality time by the water, away from the hustle and bustle of area tourist attractions.

Sandbridge is home to a number of large rental homes that are either right on the beach or just a short walk across a two-lane road. In addition to having plenty of room for all of your guests, many of these houses also come with fantastic amenities for you to enjoy when you aren’t on the beach, including an indoor or outdoor pool, game room and more.


The Virginia Beach Oceanfront stretches from the serene North End to resort area.

Renting on the North End is perfect for a different view of the Oceanfront. These wide beaches are far less populated compared to the resort area. Home to many locals, the North End is a great place to feel like a Virginia Beach resident.

Along the North End of Virginia Beach, you’ll have access to several spectacular rental homes that can accommodate couples and larger parties. Many of these homes are situated right along the shoreline or walking distance from the beach.

The Oceanfront’s resort area is where you’ll find many of Virginia Beach’s most popular tourist attractions, including the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. You’ll be walking distance from waterfront restaurants, museums, amusements, shops and more.

Compared to the North End, there aren’t as many rental homes with views of the water. The waterfront properties are mainly found near Croatan Beach or condos near the boardwalk. For travelers looking to be close to the beach, but not right on it, discover properties on streets near the Oceanfront. These offer more privacy than an Oceanfront home, while remaining close to the area’s best attractions and activities.

Chic’s Beach

With its shallow waters and proximity to a number of local shops and restaurants, renting a vacation home near Chic’s Beach (or Chesapeake Beach) is perfect for travelers looking for a bay-side retreat.

The rental properties available in Chic’s Beach are predominantly condos, duplexes and townhouses. These properties, while often smaller in size, feature amenities to make your stay more enjoyable, including access to on-site game rooms, exercise room, hot tub, grill area and more.


Vacation Rental Companies in Virginia Beach

There are a number of rental companies to choose from when you visit Virginia Beach. These companies have properties of different sizes in different locations with a large selection of amenities and accommodations, including pet-friendly properties.

Anchor Realty Group and Atkinson Reality, Inc. offer condos, duplexes, townhouses and vacation homes in Virginia Beach’s North End, Resort Area, Croatan Beach and Chicks Beach.

Those looking to for vacation properties at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront should check out the properties available through Hudgins Real Estate, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty and Pyle Realty, Inc. These condos, vacation homes and more can be found as far as Virginia Beach’s North End down to Croatan Beach.

Oceanfront Rentals has a number of beach homes and cottages just a few blocks from the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and the attractions and activities at the Oceanfront.

For condos and vacation homes in Sandbridge, contact Beach Pros Realty, Sandbridge Blue Realty Services, Sandbridge Realty and Siebert Realty. There are hundreds of beach houses and condos to fit your travel needs and satisfy your vacation desires.

Edgewater Condominiums, Dolphin Run Condominiums and The Colony all have vacation condos for rent near the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, on Atlantic Avenue. Vacationers looking to rent condos in Sandbridge can easily locate Sanctuary Realty’s brightly-colored condos.

Find a rental company that has a Virginia Beach vacation property within your budget. These range from affordable cottages near the beach to luxury homes with all the bells and whistles. Rent a vacation property during the off-season (before Memorial Day Weekend and after Labor Day) to save on your rental.

Utilizing Online Rental Websites

There are also online services for renting vacation properties in Virginia Beach. Websites like Flip Key, Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO act as the middle man, connecting potential renters to local property owners.

Make Virginia Beach your second home by staying at a scenic and comfortable vacation rental property.

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