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Young Veterans Brewing Company

An Interesting Twist on Virginia Beach Breweries

As the military capital of the United States, Hampton Roads’ patriotism and appreciation for our veterans runs deep. Even more so when two those many veterans started the Young Veterans Brewing Company.

After serving 3 plus years in the Army, two veterans came together to pursue their dream of owning their own brewery, adding a new spin on the craft beer experience.

The Young Veterans Brewing Company combines unique flavors with colorful military titles that express the essence of the flavor they created. They pay very close attention to every detail during the brewing and maturation processes. Obsessing over the recipes of each of their beers only results in high quality products with one-of-a-kind tastes.

One type of craft beer they produce is Hefewiezen, a fruity wheat ale. This  in comparison to some of the names of their other concoctions such as:

  • The Green Beret
  • Night Vision
  • Beach Stormer
  • Big Red IPA
  • Jet Noise Double IPA
  • Pineapple Grenade

Recently, the owners have expanded the brewery by adding two additional 15 BBL tanks to increase the overall capacity of the brewery. These tanks will help produce almost 3 times the amount of beer already made in the brewery.


The beer called Jet Noise Double IPA seems like just a causal reference to the fighter planes on maneuver overhead, but it is so much more than that. There were complaints by some fine patrons of Virginia Beach about the noise coming into the Dam Neck air base and beyond. Well, many of us love the jet noise because it symbolizes freedom and a military that is always ready. With one sip of Jet Noise’s big hop flavors and sweet mats, you will have to shout “I LOVE JET NOISE!”