Virginia Beach Public Library in the Vibe District

Feelin’ the ViBe of Virginia Beach

ViBe Creative District

By Kelsey Thomas

You can’t miss the ViBe Creative District that is nestled near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and surrounded by unique neighborhoods that are full of personality and charm. Perhaps the area stands out to you for its bright, colorful and artistic appearance or maybe for its surrounding street names, like Baltic and Mediterranean to name just a few, that make you feel like you’re driving along a Monopoly gameboard. Whatever it is that you notice first, it’s no secret that the area will certainly grab your attention. 

Nearly 1,000 bird houses, created by local students, adorn these arches on the corner of 19th Street and Parks Avenue

The ViBe District embodies an electric spirit intertwined with the laid-back attitude of the Virginia Beach resort area, showcasing vivid and locally crafted art while presenting itself as a small business gateway made up of beachy vibes. Boasting tons of restaurants and eclectic shops lining the streets, you can’t ignore the over two dozen wall murals that were designed by local artists and decorate the many buildings of small businesses. Consider taking part in the one-mile ViBe Mural Walking Tour to learn about the area and admire the various murals. It’s also the ultimate place for Instagram-worthy photos, with pops of color that make for the perfect backsplash in any picture. The area also hosts many events throughout the year, like the weekly Old Beach Farmers Market, various art shows, pop-up shops and some of the city’s best happy hours. 

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ViBe Walking Tour