Atlantic Ave aerial view

Atlantic Avenue Association

Making Community Vision and Dreams Come True

By Kelsey Thomas

The Atlantic Avenue Association is a community-first organization whose mission is to help build a vibrant resort area by promoting entertaining, inspiring experiences for Virginia Beach visitors and residents alike. With the vision of making Atlantic Avenue a thriving, year-round premier resort destination and flourishing hub for business, the association consists of members from hotels, restaurants, retail and even community groups, and has been very successful in being a united voice to the city.

“It’s been a wonderful organization to be a part of and to lead,” says D Nachnani, President of the Atlantic Avenue Association. “It’s very fulfilling to work with such an honorable group who are all striving for a better tomorrow today through our initiatives.” 

Nachnani also highlights that some of those initiatives include environmental causes, facilitating music festivals, and growing the resort through Virginia Beach’s pillars:  Art, Music, Action, Sports and Sustainable. Efforts include everything from maintaining the beautiful artwork that can be found down Atlantic Avenue to helping with the annual Boardwalk Art Show and other large events. 

The board members work with different subcommittees of the Resort Advisory Commission, like the Restaurant Association and the Hotel Association, to develop strategic objectives that impact the resort area in a meaningful way and make Virginia Beach a premier destination on the East Coast. 

Very proud of the work that the Atlantic
Avenue Association has achieved and continues to achieve, Nachnani adds that’s they are “so lucky
to be able to work with the city of Virginia Beach in such an auspicious way to achieve and grow our goals together.” 

When it comes to visiting Virginia Beach, Nachnani has one piece of advice:  “Really explore. Explore our restaurants, explore our retail, explore our music venues and our hotels. You’ll create your fondest memories within the exploration of our city.” 

As you explore, be reminded that the incredible qualities you’ll discover all started with collaborative initiatives and impactful movement made reality thanks to the Atlantic Avenue Association and their partners. 

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